Oct 27, 2021

🦎πŸšͺ🚢 ~ (Merkel exited now Lizzy the Lizard Queen!?!) Speculation about 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth's health (Senior News) ~ | Blogger: Take everything you hear on verdensalt.dk with grain of salt... I know you think I'm crazy, but I HAVE to listen to my inner voice, Higher Self or trust the many rumors that has been going on for decades... According to this Danish report and Ritzaus Bureau and in London, a number of media outlets are speculating about Queen Elizabeth's health after the 95-year-old monarch canceled the climate summit and canceled a planned visit to Northern Ireland... Simon Parkes has told us, that; πŸ“‘"some hold that the Queen of England will die before any military action can take place, others say that's not required. Either way we're reaching the tipping point very soon", πŸ“‘he said in a blogpost... Rumor has it, that the HEAD of Committee of 300, The World Monarch Queen Elizabeth Windsor II, has been dead for years or at least, the "clone or stunt double - whatever" has been "neutralized" or made a "deal" after Trumps latest visit to England and Buckingham Palace has been emptied like the White House in DC... I was told one time, by tarot card readings, and my higher self, that on 2 separated occasions, Margrethe II of Denmark, member of Committee of 300, also know as (DDFO) Daisy, because of her affiliations with Danish freemasonry, is already dead, March of 2021, buried in The Sankt Birgitta's Chapel in Roskilde Cathedral that I've visited lately. My Danish holistic ND natural doctor is my witness. He asked me, through kinesiology. We were both stunned, if this is true - really hard to believe... The "illegitimate" (clone or Stunt Double) Queen of Denmark's death, initiates "ten days of grief", May 2022, said my higher self... People who have seen the video "TAROT BY JANINE LOOKS DEEP INTO DENMARK πŸ‡©πŸ‡° DEEP STATE/ DARK CULT TIES?, knows what I'm taking about how evil the The Danish Monarch, was a deep state cult, a stronghold, for one 1000 years - but SoTW is no Judge Jury and Executioner - you are... |

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