Oct 27, 2021

🀘πŸ€ͺπŸ”«~ (Crazy world soon to be liberated) What are some things you consider to be not normal? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Can we see the headline guys; "The world's strongest man, Mr. George Olsen, died few months after he was jabbed with the experimental mRNA gene therapy vaccines." - NOT NORMAL... Its NOT normal that Police in Washington, DC have closed roads around the US Capitol and the Department of Health, following reports of a bomb threat in the area on Wednesday when its emptied already. There's NONE inside White House and most of the surrounded buildings. Fake Joe is shooting from a underground White House-lookalike studio. 2 bomb threats at the same time?? - Not normal... To claim there's No Evidence of a “Pandemic” is definitely not normal, but true?... United States Bluff, has just announced its first passport with "X" for gender AKA from Transgender to Transhuman to Technological Transidiocy... Constant cyclone superstorms - HAARP - Storm. Storm - HAARP = not normal... |






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