Oct 10, 2021

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8th. October 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Yet again I have included an extract from a Kryon Message that I believe would be of interest to most people, particularly the younger generation who have their lifetime ahead of them. It shows that as we recover from this present period of unrest there is a great future to look forward to.

Extract from the Kryon. Sept. 2021. “Message from the Stars” commences at 32.21 minutes.

You are just coming out of a dark era of over 30,000 years, and human history will not count before 2012 and that is what you are looking at. The beginning of a new era, I think the irony of this is that they have been battling for a long time, and they will continue as you recalibrate, souls will pass over the veil as they always do, and when they come back as children their DNA will be different. You will never have to go through what they did before because the old energy will not be the same, they will awaken with full knowledge of who they are.

As children they will know and see the colours, and as children they will have an identity of being an old soul and will know what they are here for by the time they are 13 years old – and that’s you, I just described you, all of you old souls. This is one of the biggest shifts you are ever going to see, and it may take a generation but it’s going to happen. You will know I am right, it’s a new human, and educators all over the world will recalibrate their teachings because the children are different.

8th October 2021. Mike Quinsey.

As intimated a long time ago you are starting to see that what was hidden comes to the surface and where there have been crimes against Humanity, the perpetrators will face justice. It is all part of as you might say “clearing the decks” so that a New Age can be established.

There will be no place for those whose vibrations are still at a stage of early development and are unable to lift themselves up by seeking the Light. They will be given every help but some are so captivated with the lower level they cannot move on. However, their destiny is to rise up but with freewill the timing is up to them.

In general terms there will slowly grow a feeling of help towards others, so that instead of standing aside, souls will first think in terms of helping those in need. Currently there is a tendency for an “everyone for themselves” but circumstances in your present period of difficulty will bring out the best in most people.

There is an underlying desire for equality and not the extremes you see at present when greed is many people’s idea of progress. Be assured in time it will change, and there is a great awakening to come. Even now so much help is voluntary, and souls with a desire to help others in need are giving a grand service at a time when immense pressure is upon them.

Compassion is inherent in your make-up and there is a growing feeling and desire amongst you to do more for those who need assistance. We thank you with great joy that you are becoming more caring and concerned about the well-being of others that are less able to help themselves.

At heart many souls desire to help others and be assured that once you do opportunities will come your way. It is time to change the model of the “haves” and “have nots” and there are the first signs of it happening. The right Leaders and others who represent you can so to say get the ball rolling, and when it does the general public will respond beyond their present levels.

Some coming situations will require public support and in their present frame of mind they will be eager to help recovery. At heart all souls are sympathetic to another’s problems and the predicament you are in has brought out the best in them.

Many souls particularly those concerned with your welfare are dedicated to their work and deserve every accolade they are given. One would hope it will be recognised and duly rewarded even although you are in difficult times. You will get through it but the sooner you come together the sooner you will succeed in putting the bad times behind you.

The changes are speeding up and will reflect your new position as you prepare for the upliftment that comes with the increase in vibrations. It will become easier to bring more Light into people’s lives, as there will be less opposition to it as the dark Ones continue to lose their power.

Although the battle is not over you could say that the Light has won. It will become more prominent in people’s lives and help show the way forward. The dark Ones had an agenda to stop you finding the Light and your path to Ascension, but they have failed and every soul that feels ready to ascend will get the support they need to progress.

The most important advice is to keep your focus on the goal in whatever manner you believe it will take place. As time passes it will become easier to see ahead and there is no reason why you should not succeed. You will certainly get plenty of support and of course your Guides are ever present to give you help and guidance without conflicting with your freewill. With God inside you are a powerful soul who can call upon God when you need it. You are encouraged to speak with God on a personal basis and confirm your readiness to state your attributes as a Being of Light.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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