Oct 10, 2021

⚔️πŸ•Š️πŸ›‘️ ~ ('Put your trust in God not in Man: QFS is 100% real been operative since Aug 2020 and working beautiful behind the scenes interfaced with StarLink, banks & legacy fond' ~ Charlie) SIMON PARKES & CHARLIE WARD 10TH OCTOBER 2021 (SP) ~ | Blogger: Charlie: People are not yet ready to hear the truth; Child and woman trafficking.. Abortion & abortion fetuses.. Oprah Winfrey's Beauty Products (adrenochrome).. 25% of what's inside McDonalds burger is human remains (bloody bloody disgusting).. Simon: the MSM media is gone beyond of no return - they are the biggest enemy we're facing right now - they are kamikaze pilots going for US aircraft carriers in WW2 and nowhere else to go.. Charlie: We've seeing it with R. Kelly right now found guilty in sex trafficking and pedophilia and at that sort of stuff. He's facing up to 100 years in prison, but made a plea deal - 1 year reduction for every single person he offers - so far he has turn 200 people in, but Simon hope he's getting prison time...Charlie: same thing with Ghislaine Maxwell, they had 200 pages of evidence, but she was not aware that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive, and she had to rethink everything again... Simon: What should we do with Buckingham Palace? Listen to more... |


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