Oct 24, 2021

πŸ‘₯⚔️🏴‍☠️ ~ (Failed Dark Cult Border Invasion & La Palma Manipulation!?!) Invasion Of US/Texas Border- Updated - Project Camelot Portal ~ | Blogger: This is from multiple sources: P. Camelot, M. Jaco, Military (Janine take on it)... Apparently, US has ‘Lost Operational Control’ of southwest borders and Cartels have entered northern Maverick county and southern Kinney county, so they claim... Another thing is, that Earthquakes in La Palma are happening in a pattern that is not natural. DS manipulations... SoTW motto is; Put trust in the whistleblowers from the military and White Hat operations. And just because I have served in the Danish armed forces, a 'million' years ago, I have never been to war or killed anybody. Let me make that clear - I'm in the protection spiritual business. Verdensalt.dk is a news portal I'm not making the news up. I do not make one single dime from the blog or have any Patreons, lining up.. That said, ONLY take in what resonate with you and leave the reset behind, until, you're ready to consume more, right?... ANYHOW, I bet you a MILLION bucks, that Kerry Cassidy's sources are within the higher hierarchy echelon of the military's might, that also goes for MIC-SSP. But SoTW is not in the business of Doom and Gloom as a self-fulfilling prophecy survivalists and never have been.. Same goes for Simon Parkes, his sources could also be coming strictly from the military ranks. And of course ex-Navy SEAL, Michael Jaco... Are you also sick and tired of all this secrecy? - tell me about it...I'm looking for clarity and 24/7 real news at "Truth Social" or Elon Musk's StarLink EBS-system. Enough already... |


Sources: TX-MX border. (boots = spec ops recon/combat vets)



….The following is from a source with close ties to the US militia… trusted have known him for years…They got the following from a source at the border as the article says… DEVELOPING…—Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot. 10/23/2021

UPDATE AS OF 10:00AM PT I am getting some intel saying that no small town has been taken over by the cartel but we need to confirm this. It may be the situation on the ground is fluid and could be changing by the hour…. working to confirm details of the story below.


DATE: 22-10-21
SUBJECT: Invasion of souther US/Texas borderLate tonight via direct contact with boots at the TX-MX border. (boots = spec ops recon/combat vets)

Cartels have entered northern Maverick county and southern Kinney county are already engaged in firefights with private citizens, and have taken over a small town on US soil tonight, in what is thought to be preparation for the invasion. All law enforcement and US Border Patrol have left the area.

Expectations: 380,000+ illegals are hitting the southern Texas border in less than 72 hours from 2300 22-10-21.

150,000 (half) will hit northern Texas entrance (Del Rio) to overwhelm and breach entrance, causing Border Patrol and National Guard to be sent.

150.000 (half) will hit southern Texas entrance (Laredo) to overwhelm and breach entrance
causing more Border Patrol and National Guard to be sent.

80,000 armed Haitians will hit the middle absent of protection, and proceed with an invasion.

Heavy fighting is expected starting Monday (10-25-21) and is expected to grow in intensity thru the week.


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