Oct 23, 2021

🎴🎱🎃 ~ (Hunter Becomes the Hunted: MAJOR global sweep ready to be validated and published to the world ~ Janine and...) Dilara! Sarge! Snarky! Mil ops in effect! Coastal shutdown! Adreno raid! (McAllister TV) ~ | Blogger: More BOOM BOOM BOOM reports -- according to McAllister TV and the guys in the panel talking about "Ever Given" (AKA "Evergreen" AKA Clinton's "H3RC") ship get stuck in the Suez Canal, that was JUST the beginning... In this video by Janine she's refereeing and committed an entire show to McAllister TV latest video and it's true, that October has been MAJOR secret-silent White Hat operations taken place in every single major Sea Ports of World (The World is taken back sector by sector all over the world by WH ops).. Apparently the woman named "DILARA" talks about observing very, very strange helicopters flying on secret missions for the White Hat on The full moon of Wednesday (Oct. 21) so "The Hunter" becomes, "The Hunted"... 🚢⚓🏴‍☠️PS: (SoTW) -- As far as SoTW can remember, Janine told us, Danish Maersk/Evergreen Line and Greenland DUMBs (so does "Sarge"), is also deeply involved in these nefarious activities.. Rumors has it, special forces from America and Russia, emptied the ship blocking the Suez Canal, that had hundreds or perhaps thousands of "Children" that was rescued, but also many, who didn't make it. In one or more of Ever Given's 18.000 containers had (a nuke) was onboard, among a special (weather manipulation device) to (kill) all food crops, that makes drought etc. That information goes well with ex-Navy SEAL, Michael Jaco, Project Camelot, Mel K, Dr. Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, and others are saying was onboard that container ship... |

UPDATE 24/10/2021 9:00 AM CET

🛏️🧑‍⚕️According to "Sarge from ICONS" on McAllister TV, at the 46 minute marker, and from many sources he says, that, M*E*D*B*E*D*S, has been distributed to places on Earth fully operating, already. Holland, South Africa, Greenland etc. (SoTW heard of a Hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina). Especially helping the PedoChildren rescued from DUMB's.."Sarge" goes on about MedBeds tech programs that with only a "gene" form a person, could be growing back a new "limb" or anything really, if it's missing or a "tissue" when attacked would accelerate in unbelievable fast growth (SoTW heard about that in the Secret Space Programs for SuperSoldiers). There's already a new term called "MedBed operators"... 
SOTW - OMG! Holland and PedoGateOrder is really BIG yes, but Greenland?? Oh my lord...Greenland is the world's largest island and an autonomous Danish dependent territory with limited self-government and its own parliament. Buuutt, I have heard from source, that a specific "Hotel" in Greenland and a specific "DUMB" had been used for really bad sexparties which the Danish royal elites was heavily involved. Think about if it was also used for nefarious things like satanical and occult rituals and children is involved .... |  


Dilara, Sarge and Snarky! military op in effect! east and west coast ports shut down! hundreds of ships backed up outside la! black "vertical lift helicopters" filling the skies over hollywood and bay areas! huge san francisco adrenochrome raid! military law! millions arrested! med beds being used now world wide!

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