Oct 20, 2021

👁⃤ 🎃😱💀~ (BREAKING: NEXT OCCULT COMING UP...?) Man on the run in Bollène: a victim found beheaded at home, the terrorist track “not privileged”, follow our direct – La Provence (alwaysfreshnews) ~ | Blogger: 🗡️Three knife attacks - terrorists = One white Muslim (Norway), one black Christian (Church of England in Leigh-on-Sea) and now, France (white male unknown). Will it go under "Investigating religious terrorism & ritualistic crimes"? Like in Norway, local media is reporting a helicopter, dog team, and other resources have been deployed to the area to help in the search for the suspect and it looks more and more like the "Murder of Kim Wall":📑 ‘Peter Madsen was obsessed with beheadings,’ Danish prosecutors argue as inventor’s murder trial resumes📑... 🧙‍♀️🧹🌙🍄🔮 Btw, there's SO MUCH stuff people don't wanna listen to in regards to Peter "Rocket" Madsen's case about "Occultism, Black Magic and Human sacrifice", with no references to Norway, France and Danish freemasonic order. I am just saying, look into that... 👁️As you may have realize, we're caught in the eye of the storm and need to continue sheltering in place and, if anything, prepare for the worst. The Darkest month of the year - and soon - October 31 - Samhain, also known as Halloween, or All Hallows Eve. This date is the Illuminati’s highest day of human sacrifice... 🤘Last year, 2020, Denmark, had it's 17 million mink slaughtered (offerings to the Devil), lastly, 2021 Norway Attack, ‘sharp object,’ suddenly (illuminati hunting party) not arrows, killed 5 and now, France... 🙈PS: SUDDENLY - several planes drops down in Texas - why?... 🙈SUDDENTLY - Parkland school shooting accused Nikolas Cruz pleads guilty as Florida pushes for death penalty over 2018 massacre - Why? (False flag 100%)... 🙈SUDDENTLY - 72 Hours until China's "Evergrande" officially defaults on Bonds... 🙈SUDDENTLY - Bitcoin jumps to new high above $66,000 after landmark U.S. ETF launch... 🙈SUDDENTLY - Putin will not attend Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow... 🙈SUDDENTLY - Japan's Mount Aso erupts, spewing hot gas and ash 11,500ft into the air as hikers flee the popular tourist spot... 🙈SUDDENTLY - TV Station gets 180k reports of Vaccine death & injuries on Facebook, after fishing for unvaccinated deaths.. |

Crisis Intervention and De-escalation Techniques: Where awareness goes, energy flows...

"Did you know, In December 1972, a member of the famous Rothschild family, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, held a party in their castle in France. Both in 1969 and in 1972, The royal family makes up the Royal Danish House, which has existed more than 1000 years, was invited and attended. Some people who work for the Illuminati claim that the Illuminati was behind the 9/11 attack and that George W. Bush is a member of the organization." (Read More)  


On Facebook, the Vaucluse gendarmes posted a photo of the suspect.

A major research device is currently deployed in Bollène, in the so-called “Barry” sector.

“This man is potentially DANGEROUS and ARMED.

If you see him:
– do not intervene;
– contact us immediately at 17 “, indicate the military.

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