Sep 21, 2021

πŸ€—πŸ₯³πŸ’– ~ ('Six miles out fear of Tsunami stops it's track towards East Coast & Canada. The very beginning of the end. EBS or not, the Dark Hats has surrendered') INSIDE LOOK INTO THE DEEP STATE CONFLICT! CLIMATE & LOCKDOWNS! ARE THE BLACK HATS MAKING DEALS? (Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: [🀜PS: According to my Danish friend and his tarot cards, this upcoming Friday 24th 2021, will be the turnaround. With no fear, be a good person and prepper for some times ahead for others and your family if that resonate with you! There's much more to be said about my new soul-family in Jutland! It's unbelievable!πŸ€›] ... OKAY! A-m-a-z-i-n-g news and thanks to Jannie... This is it!... There will be NO “mushroom cloud” event or other major Dark False Flag event predicted by 4 top remote viewers in September!... Will John Durham presents evidence to grand jury, arrests coming soon? Like "clone" Obama?... EVERYTHING is ABOUT to go down, this weekend, says Janine after listen in and understanding what "Phil" says... Remember the online Patriot broadcaster “Phil” (Janine mentions) who was invited to a phone call with Trump and 4 people (who appeared to be military possibly Generals) in which he (Phil and others) could listen but not participate on the DARK WEB. Phil, the guy who did the BRILLIANT unraveling of the PCAP story after the Mike Lindell symposium, and revealed the logical way for POTUS to return to his position, just got a phone call, and Donald Trump was on it is out. Well, "Phil" drops another huge piece of intel, reviews some solid DJT Gematria, and gives a clear "warning" to fellow Patriots... πŸ“NOTE: Nomatter what you believe in, we have to look at things in a positive LIGHT and not be in FEAR!...As SoTW has predicted, and I could be dead wrong, we've gonna see ATM is out, internet outages, technology interferences, food will run out fast in the stores, have some cash in stock (only in some of the western countries where Cabal / DS / Freemasonry is strongest?) ... |

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