Aug 19, 2021

🗯️⛓️✋ ~ (What the heck is going on?) BLOCKADE EVERYTHING! (TheCrowhouse) ~ | Blogger: DISCLAIMER: you have been warned... Video by Max Igan, researcher, radio host, and film-maker, going berserk, pissed off in a angry rant (again) is not uncommon to most, but what is going on in NZ and Australia is unfathomable. He's discussing lots of things of course, one is, the alleged 24.000 children being forced into a stadium to get the jab. And the unlawful lockdown in Canberra and Aunty Cindy has put the entire country under lockdown after just one single case of COVID was discovered... I must say, the NZ PM is no better or worse than socialist-communist Danish PM's corona laws, that are unconstitutional, to say the least... SoTW has said it before, countries like Denmark, New Zealand and Australia was handpicked by the Cabal, because, these countries has the best ties to the biggest, most secretly and oldest freemasonic royal societies.. Think about it - 78% of the danish population has now received their vakkZine. What does that tells us all - that the majority feel they comply with Plan[Demic] CV[AI] rules, do not ask any questions and do not care, if their freedom has been swept away. And that is okay. Many people are leaving the earth plane right now, because they have voluntary contracted their Souls by divinely obligations to help the rest of earthlings, to wake up. But what about our children's rights and unborn babies?... People all over the world, has reported heart inflammation, or myocarditis, others experienced distressing symptoms, fainting, dizziness, or nausea. Is that normal?... |

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