May 13, 2021

πŸ›¬πŸ“‰πŸ•³️ ~ (#SilverSqueeze, #GoldIsFixed, #DogecoinJoke, #BitcoinBackDoor) As much as $365 billion wiped off cryptocurrency market after Tesla stops car purchases with bitcoin (CNBC) ~ | Blogger: PEOPLE, are laughing at me on (SoTW), when I tell them, to buy VAT-free silver coins / mint from the nearest guaranteed (mining) place at your disposal. Most people still have this notion, that GOLD is the new 'Orange', but buy it, if you can afford it. Noo, 'PHYSICAL SILVER' (not Silver stocks) is the new black, and affordable, just think about it. (Cobra RM) Silver trigger activation or not, the Silver will rise at a sudden explosive rate, and your NOT gonna be overnight millionaires buying cryptocurrencies (bitcoin - NSA backdoor) or through this unsound guru Dinar-Iraq-IQD-Dong feber, either (But I must admit I have lots of Vietnamese dong in my money bin). Problem with crypto is, that it can go through the roof or downtown rock bottom, in seconds. And NSA, Rothschild empire or Globalist Investors, are the ones, in control... PS: I bought 1oz Silver Coins 2020 and 2019 at price of €15 - now it goes for €30 and going towards €50, unless QFS, beats it.. E.g., A realtime, spiritual "unhackable" Quantum Financial System, gold asset-backed and USN, the sovereign currency of the U.S. or QFS system or NESARA, GESARA, would be fully online in 2021... And You can take that to the bank! Mason Storm... |

"To understand how this works as a former IT-banker: The banking world has taken on the role of 'money maker' in modern debt slavery society and thus has the power to choose who they want and do not want to lend money to. Physical printing money machines or not, banks 'digital account' money are created by customer demanding a loan. It's a fictorious scam. Huge amount of savings in customers bank account, dollars or danish kroner, will make the bank-cartel bankrupted. That is why we have negative rates. Banks actually don't like physical money or people's savings. Money is created out of thin air (digitally) and on loans. End of lesson" ~ SoTW

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