Apr 8, 2021

💲🛦🥺~ (1st danish F-35 ready out of the 1997-2023 production) Piloten KIN fløj det nye F-35 første gang på sin 50 års fødselsdag i januar (OLFI.dk) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Meet the MOST expensive dysfunctional TRILLION-dollar weapons program in the world and ultimate failure with 1,000 deficiencies - The Lockheed Martin F-35🤛] ... Hip, Hip, Hurrah!... Denmark now gets a fighter jet, which the Minister of Defense calls a "SUPERWEAPON"... On Wednesday, Denmark was handed over the first Danish F-35 fighter jet at a large-scale ceremony in a hangar at the manufacturer Lockheed Martin in Texas. Among the guests were, in addition to Denmark's ambassador to the United States, the Chief of Defense and Chief of the Air Force, also Denmark's first F-35 pilot and several of those who will soon be flying the aircraft... The price for the purchase of the F-35 aircraft hits DKK 16.4 billion. in purchase price and DKK 56.4 billion, in lifetime costs. However, some says, a estimated total cost for danes, to be around, 100 billioner danish kroner.. In 2023, Denmark, will ONLY have 27 F-35's, some in Amercia, some in Denmark, some, combat air patroling Greenland... In 2023, this F-35 program will be TOTALLY "obsolete"... The futuristic seventh-generation fighter includes the development of autonomous stealth drone fighters, hypersonic flight, lasers, new precision weaponry and advanced AI able to organize targeting data in milliseconds... PS: How do you know all these things SoTW and who cares? I care, it's my own and taxpayers money and all the lies about how Terma A/S, former chairman and several employees at DR, officially the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, military contractors and government entities has lied about how the whole procurement process was setup by US military, from the very start etc. I used to work for The Royal Danish Air Force (a short but great experience) at Værløse and Karup airbase and have for many years been interested in Area 51 - Black Jets - Secret Space Programs... |


Piloten KIN fløj det nye F-35 første gang på sin 50 års fødselsdag i januar - OLFI
Onsdag fik Danmark sit første F-35 fly - men det står stadig i Texas - TV 2

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