Apr 8, 2021

⚠️πŸ—£️πŸ‘‚ ~ (Germans send a Powerful Message to the World!!!) Berlin Now Requires Negative COVID Test For Entry Into Non-Essential Businesses (NWO Report + @veritasnewsfeed) ~ | Blogger: Folks, you need to listen to these german people, posted by Veritas News Feed, they are correct in many ways (they also have the best medical groups and testing of the world)... 🧳✈️πŸ—Ί️PS: I have been incredible lucky to spirit manifest a few years of traveling. Simple by taking a leave of absence from my daily routined life, dropping out of the 3-D Matrix of simulation, leaving my 9–5 job at the bank and fearlessly listen to positive spirit-based entities whispered in my ears, when I should travel and visit other places, people and getting new energy and inspiration, on GAIA. In the grand scheme of things, being grateful for what you have, both tangible and intangible, what you receive and what you get, out of any situation, that comes your way - no matter being on your own or with friends/partner or money, running low. I'm not working now, and family and friends, think i'm a idiot, but has accepted the terms... In 2019, it took me to amazing USA Road Tip 4 States incl Mexico - Pranic Healing & Sedona UFO Tours, best ever trip to Thailand and then, Barcelona... In BarΓ§a, City in Spain, I meet 1 wife doctor and 1 husband professor with their lovely kids from Philippines going on a tourbus, to a VERY spiritual place and a must-visit place, The Montserrat monastery (spirituality in Catholicism - spirituality in Nature). “La Moreneta” – the Black Madonna - She is la Moreneta, the Black Madonna and Our Lady of Montserrat. The guy lives in Beijing working as a ER-doctor at one of the biggest hospitals. Since October 2019, he has been STUCKED there and is not allowed to go back home and he's scared shitless. He is NOT like you and me, awaken to what is going on, behind the scene and he misses his family like nothing else... Right now, US warns China over ‘aggressive’ moves on Philippines, Taiwan, growing tensions and Philippines extends lockdown as infections spike... |



Berlin Now Requires Negative COVID Test For Entry Into Non-Essential Businesses – Nwo Report


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