Mar 7, 2021

🦹⛓️📧 ~ (Clinton Body Count? And) Hillary Clinton Emails... (SP Official) ~ | Blogger: (outside Simon's report:) -- ☝️Rumor has it, that doctors around the world, has been found dead, if they go against the medical mafia's 'Operation Corona Corporation'... ☝️Same as the 70 plus plus some U.S. anonymous & well-known alternative medicine/holistic doctors that has been reported missing or dead due to a coincidental discovery of the enzyme "Nagalase" which Inhibits the Power of GcMAF to fight Cancer and Autism... ☝️The same goes on in the political DS world. Rumor also has it, that 100s of DNC employee and whistleblower bodies are piling up, before and after, DNC staffer Seth Conrad Rich, was the Operations Director for Voter Expansion at the DNC. Rich had all the top secret information about the DNC’s inner workings, and when he shockingly turned up murdered, it had Washington insiders talking cover-up... ☝️What is also strange, is the MASSIVE security breach of Microsoft Exchange software and rumor has it, at least 30,000 U.S. organizations newly hacked via holes in Microsoft’s email software -- What is that all about??... |


"I have now had 2 separate reports that action was taken against Hillary Clinton.
Relating to the NSA having succeeded in getting beyond the 'acid scrub' that was used to delete emails.

The reports I have received go beyond simple infringements relating to money and national security."

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