Sep 25, 2020

🚨⚠️🎭 ~ (ENOUGH) BREAKING: UK Institutes NEW SECOND LOCK-DOWN but Is It Based on FAULTY DATA? (Ben Swann) ~| Blogger: [👉A new round of lockdowns has been announced by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after a warning by two scientists that the UK could see 50,000 new cases of coronavirus by mid-October. But are those numbers and predictions accurate? We take a look at why other scientists are pushing back, calling those claims "Implausible"👈] ... WHEN is enough enough?... WHEN do we see MILLIONS in the streets?... To stand like sheep in a pasture with others surrounding us is easy. To be the few voices to wander outside with no fear, only courage, is what makes us HU-mans. We have the power to say enough is enough, and SoTW intend to fight and scream every step of the way to preserve what little of the (real) 3-D Matrix of illusion, I have been able to witness... |


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