Oct 11, 2020

🌬️πŸ›ΈπŸ‘Ύ ~ (Part II) Navy Seal recruited as CIA Assassin guarded flying saucers at S-4 Area 51 (Dr. Michael Salla Exopolitics) ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰Seeing is believing and believing is knowing and knowing beats unknowing and the unknownπŸ‘ˆ]... It's a FACT, that Pentagon admits UFO program still exist in 2020 and this article by Dr. Salla, which SoTW have meet 2 times, speaks for itself, as well as, SoTW is perhaps considered among the crazy looney tunes UFOs, JFK, and Elvis conspiracies tin-foil hats, but Secret Space Program or not, this talk about S-4 Area 51 was interesting nevertheless...|



What follows is my two part series of articles originally published on July 16 and July 19, 2009, on Examiner.com concerning the revelations of an alleged Navy Seal who spent time at the S-4 facility at Area 51, which he described as a museum for flying saucers and aliens. The former Seal claimed that guard duty at S-4 was used as a means of “cooling down” assassins used by the CIA to permanently silence government critics and/or remove national security threats.

The whistleblower, Derek Hennessy, used the pseudonym “Connor O’Ryan” in a set of interviews with Lt Col Wendelle Stevens in 1991 that was recorded on video. Hennessy/O’Ryan provided a number of documents supporting his testimony. This was especially important since the Seal claimed that records of his Navy service had been purged from official records in a similar manner to what had earlier happened with Bob Lazar in 1989.

Col. Stevens spent a decade verifying Hennessy’s story and supporting documents before he felt confident enough about their authenticity to come forward in 2001 to discuss his investigation at two UFO conferences in Australia and the US (International UFO Congress). He says that prior to the Australia conference he received a phone call warning him not to go too far in releasing the information, but that only convinced him that Hennessy/O’Ryan was telling the truth.

The subsequent release of the video interviews in 2009 (nearly two decades later), which were edited by Rick Keefe from UFO Hypotheses, provided the general public their own opportunity to hear Hennessy/O’Ryan’s story in his own words. I described some of the contents in my original two part series.[READ MORE] ... | 

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