Oct 7, 2020

⚠️πŸ™‰✌️ ~ (Hit me like a train) Charlie Ward 10-5-20 VIDEO… “Paris Hilton #BreakingCodeSilence #ISeeYouSurvivor” ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰no one in their right mind would do something like this. Listen very carefully to what Ms Hilton have to say in the few seconds clip - it's not for children's ears or the faint heartedπŸ‘ˆ] ... Thanks to KP and Charlie Ward for sharing is (caring)... And of course thanks to "this young lady, Paris Hilton, that actually has the backbone and bottle, to come out and speak up, in a very simple fashion", as Mr. Ward expresses it... Cockney rhyming slang or London dialect usage -- "bottle and glass" or "backbone, means something like to have the "courage or bravado" coming out from a big silence crowd to speak up - something like that... Perhaps you are thinking this is rubbish and she's a sex kitten of false lies, but Paris Hilton, has been pretending to be a “dumb blonde” all this time. Now she's ready to reveal her true self?... |

This is a short video that includes Paris Hilton’s “exposures” of what she has been through (apparently was posted on her Twitter page yesterday (but I’ve not found it there)). Perhaps a “whistleblower” (or MK Ultra graduate) that has recently waked up. Charlie Ward says, “[This] hit me like a train.”

She is one of those people I have paid zero attention to, but this story is worth hearing, in my view. 

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