Sep 30, 2020

🗣️🚨⛓️ ~ (Speak Out) Dr Heiko Schöning speaks on his release from Wandsworth Police Station, 27 Sept 2020 (Paul Scotland) ~| Blogger: [👉David Icke, his son and Robert Kennedy Jr Unite For Freedom: Dr. Heiko Schoening (guest speaker) was arrested in Hyde Park, London, Aug 29, 2020! They took his phone, computer and books👈] ... Heiko Schöning, a doctor part of, who was arrested for 22 hours in London for "speaking with more than 30 people" was victim of a targeted arrest. In this interview(s) he talks about his experience and also about a song of Depeche Mode, "Where is the Revolution" which has a very powerful message... |

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