Sep 30, 2020

👼 ~ 💗 (Cult Culture) POWERFUL UPDATE FOR HUMANITY (Lorie Ladd) 💕 ~ | Blogger: 🙏Thanks to Lorie - let's talk shop... 💭Something I have thought about (all) night long... 💯One of the most important questions that you can ask yourself on your spiritual journey and especially during this tumultuous times is “Is this mine - my beliefs, thoughts and emotions etc. and why AM I triggered❓”.... As Lorie says in the start - 🔖 if it doesn't resonate with your belief system - delete it, don't listen - every truth is a truth for the person that resonate with it as THEIR TRUTH🔖... Right... HOLD that though... 🤪As an example guys - yesterday - was a BIG BLOW to MSM narrative and to our danish authorities in a press conference, when a man, not a reporter of the 1600 danish reporters who is NEVER EVER SHOWING CRITIC, asked a vital question, that according to a REAL public access to documents (aktindsigt), Statens Serum Institut (SSI) is an institute under the Ministry of Health and the Elderly, has admitted to a danish citizen, that they CAN NOT FIND the new coronavirus (as real) and the person asking the panel of danish authorities, just wanted their responds and goes on, that Coronavirus = 5G. And right there, one person (Søren Brostrøm) in particular, just lost it and got angry and aggressive... Soooo... 🤔My thought is - HOW THE HECK can these (bias of course) biological humans, GMO-altered mind-controlled authorities and narcissistic sociopaths disorder lack of empathy, go home, every single night and kiss their wife and kids and tell them, that everything is going to be alright and they, ALONE, are the Saviors of Humanity❓... I have discussed this, like, forever with myself🙃, others and my holistic doctor -- WHEN -- will the "system" break down❓... WHEN, will the "EVENT" happen or the GREAT Awakening Solar FLASH wipe out all our flaws and false beliefs and make us all, beg for mercy, when the times comes❓... How do we find the truth that sets us free❓ How do we detach ourselves from fear, blockages and touch anxiety❓ When do we begin to understand what we have been taught from schools, news channels, our institution, religions, authorities around the world, our "basic learning", is wrong❓ How do we wake up from our entrenched reality when we do not know we have to wake up yet❓ How do we detach ourselves from the totalitarian unity of control, power and dominance❓ How do we create, as Werner Erhard quotes; A World That Works For Everyone❓... |

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