Sep 24, 2020

👨‍💼😶‍🌫 ~ (BOMBSHELL) Hunter Biden, Joe Biden built an international crime syndicate with ties to human trafficking organizations, prostitution, money laundering, bribery and extortion (NN) ~ | Blogger: [👉Maaaany Americans, 99% of Danes and EU-citizens has been taught to 'HATE' Donald Trump - it's a FACT! Democrats or Republicans - they are all politicians - so it makes no difference - 'many' are corrupted! Besides TRUMP - because he IS the ONLY Lightworker with ENOUGH "cojones" that can ALTER the (Fixed) Matrix Negative Timelines, because, he cannot be BRIBED or DO NOT BREAK DOWN! - with all due RESPECT👈] ... Our beloved media and CIA Operation Mockingbird has taught us all ONE thing and as I have explained many times on this channel; 📑"You have a choice: Either stick to the globalist agenda and their '3-D Matrix of illusion' which leads to 'their perception is Your reality' - OR - start confront Your own 'two wolves who are always fighting' to seek out the TRUTH📑... 🙋WHY, why, why are the so-called English 'defectors' of the Royal family, who still receiving HUGE funds from the Monarchy, Prince Harry 'Ginger' and Disney Princess Meghan Markle, out and prostituting for the Democrats?... 🤴The Danish Crown Prince Frederik & Mary is out mingling as well and NOT ALLOWED to discuss or influence the public about politics, as Pro-Vaxxers, Pro-FN, Pro-EU, Pro- China- W.H.O. and Pro-Elite Oligarchs and Pro-Zionist Israel, but do it anyways -- CAN'T YOU SEE?... 🤪OMG! You might say what a loser this SoTW character, you know NOTHING - but do you? Neither of us, has knowledge about what's going on behind the SCENE! NONE HAS!... 🤔Could Trump be controlled from both sides? The Dark Alliance higher powered hierarchy who's holding his hand, (could) be black magician expanding Obama's and Bush's death empire and (Q-anon) is yet a CIA funded PSYOPS tool, or could Q + Trump be true action heroes, helping humanity in their part to save planet Earth??? Yeeees - to both questions... 🤭But yes, Trump (may) be laughable, but he's also do not (seem) taking orders from The Deep State, and negative military might, as other presidents has in the past... 🎰Trump may be laughable, Qanon (could) still be a CIA Psyop and the lobbying swamp of GoLDMaN SLaCKS, Rothschild banking is flourishing in Trump’s Washington, but Trump is NOT like ANY other presidents and (perhaps) Donald Trump is the only one that has the balls to hit a home run for the American People?... 🤓Yes, Trump may be laughable, egocentric behaviour or narcissistic personality and breathtaking self-admiration, but like Obama, entered office when divisiveness, bigotry, greed, deception, corruption, violence, impoverishment and war mentality still were rampant...🛐Trump may be laughable, no Christian Messiah, like Obama and other presidents, however, he has pushed the Cabal/Illuminati up into a corner, whether you like it or not, supported by benevolent souls, who wants to see the world change, to a peaceful place in the universe...🙏|

Bombshell: Biden family built a massive global crime network to enrich themselves

Mike Adams

A bombshell investigation released by the US Senate today unveils a massive global crime network that was built by the Biden family during the Obama administration. This crime network fleeced numerous corporations and governments of the world, coercing them into directing kickbacks to Biden family members, under the threat of coercion of the U.S. government, directed by Biden and Obama.

This massive criminal network has now been revealed by the Senate to have ties to international human trafficking operations, with other ties involving extortion, money laundering, kickbacks, prostitution and more.

This report reveals Joe Biden to be a dangerous international criminal who abuses government power to enrich his own family at the expense of national security and America's integrity.

See the full, shocking details in this report.

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