August 18, 2020

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Source (EldoRa & Siman) 

As Earth prepares for Ascension, humanity is slowly being groomed to transition from humans to Galactic Citizens. Our Galaxy is Governed by a central body known as "The Light Council of Alcyone" which is hosted by a group of Tall White Etheric beings known as "The Founders". Yesterday we were contacted by The Founders who are very loving 9th-dimensional etheric beings. They shared that they are starting to make contact with all awakened beings on Earth. For this to happen, they specifically urged all Lightworkers to activate our 'Soul Star' & 'Galactive Gateway' chakras so that we can begin to establish direct contact with these beings. These beings are connected to all the Councils of Light and Governing bodies of this Universe including the Galactic Federation, Order of Melchizedek, and the United Federation of Planets.
The Founders can help connect us with all the resources that we now have available to us in this Galaxy as well as help guide us on our spiritual paths. There are many new and exciting opportunities that are now becoming available to us as Galactic Citizens and we cannot wait to embark on this journey with you. Here is the channeled message we received from these loving beings yesterday: "Your higher chakras are now being reactivated and re-connected. For the seasoned lightworkers, you are already aware of and have been working with your SoulStar and Galactic Gateway Chakras. For the dear ones recently experiencing an Awakening, our message is to research some information about these two chakras mentioned above and set the intention to activate and start working with them.

These two Chakras can connect you with us. We are the Central Governing Body of this Galaxy and are known as "The Alcyone Council of Light". We are completely Etheric beings and we may appear in your dreams as slender, tall, white beings of extreme radiance and Love. The Love we emanate from our hearts encompasses you as we are closely connected to you through the 8th Dimensional pathways of Light that are interwoven like a blanket of Light Highways that form a web encompassing ALL OF EXISTENCE ❤ It is the best way we can describe it using your limited language. So dear ones, do connect with us and call upon us by Activating your SoulStar Matrix and your Galactic Gateway. We look forward to greeting each and every one of you as Galactic Citizens of the United Federation of Planets". Sending you lots of Love, EldoRa and Siman #GalacticFederationOfLight #SourceMessages #TheGreatAwakening

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