Jul 13, 2020

🗞️🥳🧨 ~ SoTW's Special Teaser For Tomorrow! July 14th, 2020 ~ | Blogger: [🎢Sonny, I've got a whooole theme park full of red delights for you🍹] ...👉MORE STUFF about Ghislaine Maxwell...👉THANKS CORONA! The big polluters seen WORSE after lockdowns ended!... 👉WATCH David Icke' video, before they delete it (again). Banned in Australia and Mexico and Google-Gestapo-YouTube-Facebook...👉PANDEMIC PART II is coming for October 2020, according to Ralph and the whole world is WAKING up...👉DENMARK & EU (almost) ready: 'Fast Tracking' Covid-19 vaccines - coming soon to a city near you - but what's in the vaccines?...👉WHILE Redskins to DROP name, yielding to pressure from Sponsors and Activists - "EVERYONE IS LYING - The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust." - Outrage after Trump retweets TV host who said there’s a Covid-19 conspiracy to make him lose election...👉BENJAMIN FULFORD on vacay, excerpts from his Full Report - his pre-written newsletter...👉AND MUCH MORE... |

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