Jun 10, 2020

πŸ”­πŸŒŒ⚔️~ Teri Wade: WHY SPACE FORCE.. Keeping Earth protected from future Galactic takeovers? ~ | Blogger: hmmm... Why Space Force?.. Well, for me at SoTW i'm simple saying; who cares about the New US Space Force, fake NASA & private space-faring company SpaceX, when we have an Old MIC-SSP Space Force, Solar Warden, and EARTH DEFENSE FORCE based on Mars and the Moon. Who also, has been on every single "known" planet in Our galaxy, the Milky Way, since 1950sh. Do not think, that America is the (only) masters of LEO, Space and our known Verse... China, Russia and EU has their own Secret Space Programs as well... Perhaps not so advanced as USA, but surely - you don't think we are alone in the universe?... During an interview, Tompkins revealed: πŸ“‹“Thousands, thousands, not just a few, thousands of people have joined the Navy here in the United States. They joined the Space Navy. They signed up for a 20-year tour. So these folks, men and women, were given a lot of examinations and a lot of information on what they were going to need.”. “Many of them went to the Moon, our Moon, and facilities there and got checked out and organized and established where is the best place they’re going to go, what their criteria is going to be, what major area they’re going to develop, like what class in the university. And then they get sent to a Mars facility for a short time.”. “…and then they get assigned to a specific base. And they work for a short time in the base before they’re assigned a naval cruiser, or a naval attack vehicle, or even a naval spacecraft carrier, which are one, two, and four kilometer long class. And we have eight of those battle groups out there. So there’s plenty of room for new people to come aboard…πŸ“‹”.. SoTW manage to see Mr. Tompkins talk at Las Vegas MUFON 2017, before he was supposedly killed 1 month later, some say (perhaps he just died of old age)... I also attended another conference or Congress, where 3 people, included Exopolitics/UFO investigator Craig R. Lang was targeted & murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress using exotic weapons to stop his disclosure investigations. You want proof? Posted claims by Afred L. Webre and SoTW's own american friend, Patrice (now dead of cancer) who was a long time buddy of Craig R. Lang... (Use the search bar on verdensalt.dk to find more details)... |



Keeping Earth protected from future Galactic takeovers. It’ll never happen again! Also, Mars will have a Disclosure right along with Earth. For thousands of years a social experiment has been playing out on Mars.

There are thousands of human families living underground who have been told Earth has been destroyed so they don’t try to escape. The existence for these people are extremely structured. They only have children when needed and told, it’s a very ridged existence.

These people are transported to their jobs and home always under strict supervision. Schooling for children is solely indoctrination. These people are trained for particular positions and have no say. A completely surveilled environment.

Their food consumption is completely controlled thru these controllers. Their environment consists of looooong hallways, eating quarters and apartments of which resembles a stainless steel looking prison.

This one particular person I watched was a tall dark-haired white male and he was being transported from work, his job, to his living quarters by an escort who never once talked. I don’t think it was human, looked human but didn’t act like it. I got the impression this particular guy was a problem for them.

As he was walking down these long stainless steel looking hallways there were lots of long horizontal glass windows and I could see through these windows at people working. It looked like high-tech work meaning I remember seeing people looking through microscope’s and dressed in white lab coat like uniforms. This guy stopped to eat at what they call eating quarters and he was eating at a stainless steel looking table while this silent escort just sat there. He got to his apartment and that’s where it ended. I knew he had a wife and two kids that’s how I found out about the child restrictions.

Remember, everything in our Universe is going to go thru this Ascension process not just Earth. I believe Trumps comments on Mars at one of his rally’s was a prelude of information to get us prepared for the liberation of not only Earth but Mars also.

Update: This particular man I talk about in this post has been killed.

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