Apr 7, 2020

⚰️ ~ Unconfirmed Reports Claim UK Prime Minister DEAD ~ | Blogger: I don't want to spread rumors more than you do, but we have heard that Trump (The Chosen One) & Boris (Bojo), is the GOOD guys, trying to take down the DS. Simon Parkes at least thinks so. Benjamin Fulford on the other hand says, Boris has being confined “because of coronavirus infection.” Hence, everyone that has been tested positive for CV (all the “Reptilian Elite” - Merkel, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Andrew Parker Bowles etc.) has been placed in a self-quarantine for being part of these satanic occult members... The failed assassination attempt in Manila is not the first threat against Trump intercepted by the Secret Service. Earlier, agents confirmed that they confiscated a "suspicious envelope" addressed to the president. The agency said it was investigating the matter and many more has been tried, so they clams. I have heard that more than 10 attempted assassinations was stopped to take Trump's life, including, Melania Trump... Anyways... Putin, (grey cardinal) should also be on of the good guys, who had refused to comment on 10-day disappearing act – 'it would be boring without gossip'. Some say that Putin was engaged by a pleiadian group for consultation... So much gossip and rumors, but one thing's for sure, whether you believe in human doubles, clones and aliens, Deepfake is REAL and so is the infiltration of social media platforms, where advanced technology and representatives on political figures, are able to imitate any person in the world... |

Source (halturnerradioshow)

NONE of this has been verified via official sources. I am merely passing this info along as raw intel.

Three unconfirmed reports have come into the Hal Turner Radio Show CLAIMING that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has died. This is UNCONFIRMED as of 11:13 PM eastern US time.

The reports all center around a claim that Mr. Johnson went into Respiratory failure and could not be revived.

The first report came in from family of a BBC staffer, who reported that BBC were calling employees into work to begin working on Johnson's bio and state funeral planning.

The second report came from a source in law enforcement inside the UK, who claimed respiratory failure killed the Prime Minister, and that it was being kept secret until tomorrow.

The third report came in from a political staffer in the UK who claimed the British Government is considering a government evacuation out of London, fearing some type of civil uprising, and repeating the above claims about Boris Johnson being dead.

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