Apr 11, 2020

🤯 ~ Transpicuous News Geomagnetic Update April 9 2020 ~ | Blogger: [😵DID YOU FEEL THAT?💫] ... Thanks to my friend Tim Lunn for shared Pamela Johnson's post, and some Cobra-supporters and RTS... ARGH, I feel like I have been hit in the face with a frying pan. Last few days, especially yesterday, had these tremendous headaches like symptoms and heartfelt emotions and loooots of lucid dreaming and then I woke up like 5.30 in the morning and saw the full moon from my bed window... |


Yesterday, April 9 2020 (just in time for my birthday, lol), the planet got just bitchslapped by some sort of event that registered on the Magnetosphere and Magnetopause. I woke up this morning to see it and took a massive gulp of coffee and immediately made a video report to show the graphs and ask the question: "What the fuck just hit us?!"

Source (RemovingtheShackles)

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