Apr 11, 2020

👁️ ~ Apple and Google plan to trace Covid-19 using your phone ~ | Blogger: [👮Bad boys Whatcha want, whatcha want Whatcha gonna do When World police come for you?🎶] ... {Milliseconds ago it was called "Terrorism in the Name of Religion"(Islamophobia). Now, the name of the Game is called "COVID 19 "Plan-Demic" = ONE-third of the world's population is now in LOCKDOWN as the world battles the "footprints" of the invisible enemy, the Coronavirus, which has been around since MAN was CREATED} ... Is Iron Hand in 'Jason Bourne' movie real? (A Treadstone upgrade - full spectrum surveillance)... Denmark has recently introduced something called COVIDMETER (Gives the authorities the ability to create a database of all danes to assess the prevalence of infection in the community and support the decisions on the gradual reopening of Denmark)... 100K plus has in a few days after opening accepted with NemID... COVIDmeter is a frontrunner for the GLOBAL version or intrusive surveillance initiative, that Apple and Google has in their minds by collaborating (once enemies now friends) on the monitoring app, the development of advanced apps that can monitor the lives of citizens for the purpose of predicting and registering areas or groups of people at high risk of coronavirus infection, so they claim... PEOPLE are apparently "accepting" govt's Draconian laws, because Your beloved MSM news stream is overflowing with gifted people's thoughts on Apocalyptic predictions and Fears of CV-DEATHS... W.H.O. official, Dr. Mike Ryan, the head of the World Health Organization's Emergencies Program says: "Police may have to enter homes and remove family members" laws is made... AND, today headlines on BBC" Coronavirus: 'Deadly resurgence' if curbs lifted too early, WHO warns...Then came COVID-19 'snitch lines' in England and Denmark... Then it was the LOCKDOWN... Then came world's first law for Compulsory vaccination (Denmark was the first mover). Denmark's parliament on March 13th, 2020 unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police... Then British police are using social media to shame members of the public who 'break the rules' amid the coronavirus lockdown and ‘Madness that will start riots’: Philadelphia police drag man off public transit for not wearing mask... 👋CAN YOU SEE👀?... WHERE'S THE GOOD NEWS???... 100.000 died of CV, but 650.000 died last year worldwide of influenza illnesses...💜New Zealand has recorded 1 death from coronavirus💜Japan has a remarkably low number of coronavirus cases💜Singapore has reported just 96 cases of coronavirus and 💜 no deaths and Why is South Korea beating coronavirus?... We've seen a powerful tug-of-war between the "doom-and-gloom" spinners and those who are willing to speak up and against what is increasingly feeling like a theater of the absurd... Right now it is so easy to be pulled into the undercurrent of the current situation in the world. You may not be having the best of times. Getting you off the “streets” of MSM fear-porn has ALWAYS been one of SoTW's top priorities!. To see the light in the tunnel and telling you EVERYTHING is gonna be alright again!...To be a light bearer in this chaotic world... Don't jump on the bandwagon. I'm actually chuckling to myself, when people start buying this silly propaganda... Your Great Awakening will open with a bang, but nobody wants to see and live in DENIAL...🌟 IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THAT... BE THE LIGHT YOU WISH TO SEE IN OTHERS🌟... |

Source (techradar)

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