Apr 19, 2020

🌩️ ~ 🏳️ New MASSIVE Long White Spike Power 50-65 in Schumann Resonance, Solar Geostorm & Plasma From Space ❕ ~ | Blogger: [〰️ The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like verdensalt! (SoTW)〰️] ... From Disclosure News: "4/19 07:30 – As can be seen from the graphs, there was no interruption in the activity, only a moment at the turn of midnight UTC, then an increase in the Frequency to 7.60 Hz coincided with a decrease in the Amplitude under Power 10. The Frequency then returned around 7.30 Hz and the increase in amplitude was immediate returning to Power 50 at 1 UTC. After this wide swing, the trend returned again to a marked increase from 3 UTC and within a few hours we had a new Power 65 maximum at 6 UTC. Frequency continues to be very low. The Amplitude Frequency comparison image gives you, hopefully, a clearer correlation between the the parameters. MOAR coming?." ... |


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