Mar 26, 2020

πŸ’Œ ~ πŸ’— Do You Feel It? Is “The Event” Beginning to Happen? πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: This is quite extraordinary and incredible times, we're all living in, right now.... And, even if Vidya Frazier is, let's say, Cobra inspired, it ALWAYS makes me happy to read her stuff... About Chemtrails, whch I also have been thinking about the last few days - they're all GONE! Why? Because all Scandinavian Airlines fleet of planes are grounded and all other air traffic, including all the CIA's unmark chemtrail planes... Together with Chemtrails in the air, all the pollution is gone, cars, trains and factories has stopped polluting and destroying Mother GAIA... It's gonna be veeery interesting to see how the human population are reacting and coping with the new Earth after the Corona madness ... |

It’s totally irrational. Serious illness and death are occurring across the world; people are in fear and despair. Political squabbles are worse than ever.

And yet…and yet…if you tune in, you may become aware of…

*a feeling of profound joy and excitement bubbling up inside you
*a sense of deep inner peace
*a knowing that all truly is well, despite what it may currently look like.

Do you feel it?

There’s a sense of pause in the ethers around us…a stopping and a resting…

…as if the proverbial hamster that’s been running on the wheel for centuries has suddenly stopped – and is now set free, finding itself in a field of golden sunshine and wild flowers. There’s an amazing lightness in the air.

How can this be possible? It all seems so irrational, given the circumstances; and yet, many of us are feeling it. Something profoundly magical seems to be happening.

Surprisingly Positive Things are Happening

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