Mar 26, 2020

๐Ÿ‘‘ ~ Fears for the Queen as Prince Charles Contracts COVID-19 ~ | Blogger: [๐Ÿ‘‰Is It Princess Diana's Revenge Over The Parasitic Murdering Reptiles? Even The Namaste Greeting Couldn’t Keep It Away๐Ÿ‘ˆ] ... {Prince Andrew May Officially Be Back to His Royal Duties Claims Insider... WHAAAT!???} ... (Thedailybeast Excerpts:) "The prince’s age makes him a member of the at-risk groups who have been instructed by the British government to self-isolate for 12 weeks. Charles’ son Prince Harry was said last week to feel “helpless” and to have been worried about the prospect of his aging father and grandparents catching the disease. The Queen recently relocated from Buckingham Palace in central London to the slightly more remote Windsor Castle."... |

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What Princess Diana Knew – The Official Resistance

This is only a fractional part of a very long document about the parasitic murdering reptiles know as the Royal Family of England and what princess Diana discovered about them. Some people may find this totally unbelievable and shocking!

Blogger: Please use your own spiritual discernment!!๐Ÿ™Excerpts: ๐Ÿ’จ..

Writer: 'Most people in Britain will be astonished to read this because the Queen Mother’s propaganda has turned her into the nation’s favourite grandmother. “Oh yes, the Queen Mum, such a lovely, gentle, kind old lady.” But this woman is not what she is claimed to be. I can’t emphasize that enough...

It was the Queen Mother and her close friend, Diana’s grandmother, Ruth Lady Fermoy, who manipulated Diana into the marriage with Prince Charles..

The sex thing is a big part of their rituals because it’s kundalini energy, see, which is the core, our generator. The orgies stopped because one of the couples died and they had an odd number and they didn’t want to bring in anyone else. So even that was ritual. Everything about them is ritual.. all that heraldry, all that pomp and ceremony. Negative energy gets drawn to negative energy.”.. (..).. the highest ranked woman in the Satanic hierarchy in the United States and she was one of only three Mother Goddesses in the world. This is Arizona Wilder, formerly Jennifer Greene..(..)..

What she told my friend, and later told me on audio and video tape, supports the information supplied by other slaves and by Christine Fitzgerald about the Windsors and their true nature. Arizona said that she officiated at Satanic rituals at Glamis Castle in Tayside, Scotland, the childhood home of the Queen Mother, who still owns the property, and also at Balmoral, the Queen’s Scottish residence. The Brotherhood obsession with Scotland, she said, was because there are many entrances there into the inner-Earth where the physical reptilians live..

It is clear that Diana knew about the true nature of the royal family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. Her nicknames for the Windsors were “the lizards” and “the reptiles” and Diane used to say in all seriousness: “They’re not human”. There is a very good reason for Diana using this description of the Windsors..

Queen Mother and Prince Philip then shape-shifted into reptiles to show Diana who they really were!.. Christine Fitzgerald and insider friends : "The Royal Family hasn’t died for a long time, they have just metamorphosised. It’s sort of cloning, but in a different way. They take pieces of flesh and rebuild the body from one little bit".. Christine Fitzgerald that the Queen Mother was the power behind the Windsors, along with Prince Philip. But Philip was subordinate in the hierarchy to the Queen Mother, Diana said. The Queen Mother is connected to a long list of Brotherhood groups and societies and she is the head of the Inner Temple, the elite and highly secret society for the upper levels of the legal profession on the ‘former’ Knights Templar land at Temple Bar in London.. Only "Pindar" (..)..

Pindar is Charles’ real father.. (the Marquis de Libeaux) is above The Queen Mother at Satanic hierarchy.. “Diana used to tell that the Queen Mother was evil”.. Diana told Christine Fitzgerald in 1989 that they were going to kill her and Barry Mannakee'.. Christine Fitzgerald and insider friends : But even though these reptilian ones are f******, they are sad, pathetic beasts really, while humanity is galloping towards light. They’re just pathetic lumps of nastiness who aren’t going to win. I can’t talk about this everywhere because they would just go ‘Christine, get a white coat, put it on backwards, get out’. But I want an end to the b*******.”... |

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