Mar 17, 2020

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Joni Patry lives in Dallas, Texas and is one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrologers in the world. She was a faculty member for ACVA, CVA and Instructor for online certification programs, published many books, journals and appeared on national and international television shows. As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website, and teaches in Turkey and India. She has been awarded the 2015 Jyotish Star of the year and Dr B. V. Raman's Janma Shatamanothsava Award Jyotisha Choodamani. She publishes an online astrological magazine, Astrologic Magazine and has an online University for certification, the University of Vedic Astrology.

Our Future and the Coronavirus

The year 2020 is surely a year of major shifts and changes in the world. I have to say I saw it coming. I spoke about this time being catastrophic for a long time referencing the points that Rahu would go into the nakshatra Ardra and Ketu into Mula. The time frame is February 12- April 22. I knew something was coming and knew we had to be prepared. I even told everyone to strengthen their immune systems. With this knowledge, we can better navigate the waters through this year of extremes.

I believe in the law of nature and that it will always create balance. When humanity becomes out of balance, nature will inflict a remedy to bring everything back into balance. Often, this remedy has come in the form of destruction. For the most part, human nature does not change unless it has to change. The result is always positive; bringing the planet and humanity back into balance.

The next few weeks look extremely volatile, so we are not out of danger yet. As the transiting Moon enters into Sagittarius in the Nakshatra Mula and begins to form a Kala Sarpa yoga, we can expect another crisis period. This time frame will last until the last week of May when Mercury comes into Gemini and breaks this period of extreme highs and lows. Kala Sarpa yoga is formed when all the planets are on one side of Rahu and Ketu and this predicts a time of extremes around very karmic circumstances.

A turning point will appear around April 22nd when Rahu finally leaves the nakshatra Ardra. However, several events will add to the destruction and volatility over this year.

March 22-23: Mars will conjoin Pluto at 0 degrees Capricorn and Ketu will conjunct the previous eclipse degree of 9 degrees Sagittarius. This will be a very difficult time and indicates that an explosive event will occur. The news may involve a health problem for President Trump since this degree occurs in his 6th house of health and opposes his natal Saturn in the 12th house, and Saturn rules the 6th house. By March 29th, he will recover because transiting Jupiter will conjoin this degree bringing healing and protection. Also remember a President’s chart indicates the affairs of their nation. This could also mean the health of the nation.

March 31: Mars will conjunct Saturn indicating many setbacks and delays that will shock the world. After this powerful conjunction occurring at 6 degrees of Capricorn (Mars exalted and Saturn is in the sign of rulership), a vast rebuilding will begin. There will probably be many bailouts and economic stimulus deals. It will most definitely be a time to invest in the stock market.

What do I foresee for the future with the coronavirus and the economy?

Astrologically, this year has the most extreme events I have ever seen, so I know the surprises are not over. These aspects are transformational and the effects will be long-term.
1) Pluto conjunct Saturn
2) Jupiter conjunct Pluto
3) Saturn conjunct Jupiter
These aspects are occurring in the sign of Capricorn. During the time frame of March 22 to May 4, Mars will be there to add fire to the situation.

Here is an excerpt from my book Awaken to the Power within You:

“Fear breeds disease, and disease breeds fear. To overcome the threat of outbreaks of disease, we must get a grip on our issues of fear. The only way I have overcome paralyzing fear is by developing trust.”

“We must always remind ourselves that what matters is our spiritual growth. There is no other reality. We are here to grow consciously. The thing that prevents our growth is fear. We are fearful because of the unknown. Fear is paralyzing and is the root of all negative emotions, such as anger, jealousy, violence, hatred, and ignorance.

Realize that the reason the coronavirus has spread so rapidly is due to extremes of fear associated with it. How do we develop trust in these unstable times? This comes through our connection to the Higher Power that is within us all. We must take the time to reconnect with our inner Divinity through prayer and meditation. Even if you connect for five minutes a day, it will make a huge difference in your ability to survive these trying times, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The coronavirus has created great fear in the world as this pandemic sweeps the globe. It is not as bad as previous pandemics because most people do recover from it. But the scary part is how contagious it is. The fear factor is instigated by the media. I believe it will all blow over by May and June. But the power of a pandemic will remain in our psyche and will lead to the development of many healing remedies and discoveries. Many cures have been developed accidentally; when looking for one thing they find another. This is one of the best developments that will come out of this crisis.

Another important point is, you will always regret the decisions you make out of fear. Take this premise to heart in all aspects of your life. Many are fearful of their financial future at this time as well. Remember to keep the trust that everything will be okay, and it will!

Many opportunities will evolve out of times of crisis. One opportunity is that when the stock market crashes it is time to invest. Of course, some industries will feel the damage for a long time to come, such as the travel, hospitality industries, and service providers. But the recovery will be faster than ever before. Realize that those who invested in the stock market in 1987 and 2008 had huge gains after the crises. Major companies will rebound and profits are assured. Look at this as an opportunity.

Businesses and schools will discover the advantages of employees and students working and studying remotely. This will lead to a powerful revolution in learning and work.

Most importantly, this crisis has made us realize that we are a global community and we must learn to work together as a whole because we are all connected. This virus covered the world in a very short time because of the travel and connections people have around the globe. Healing of body, mind, and spirit will emerge out of this. It has brought us together to heal and assist those who are sick. The ramifications of this disease have not yet been realized but this will create the healing of the body, mind, and emotions that are desperately needed in this world.

There is a very valuable and spiritual lesson that will evolve this year. I have insinuated many times as this is the year of a spiritual transformation with Jupiter conjunct Ketu in Sagittarius. Spiritual growth and transformation will be the result of this incredible year. Those who choose to be angry and hateful will end up destroying themselves.

This is an opportunity to bring humanity together, especially within the world of politics. The coronavirus is that vehicle that will bring people together. I have been predicting the event that is to occur this year in February will bring humanity together like never before.

Unfortunately, the deep-seated anger and resentment that still exists in politics will rear its ugly head again especially during September through November. The political fight that is due to occur will split the people apart in the U.S. The elections will be much more extreme as the politicians destroy each other and the masses become violent and gather to protest. The conspiracy theories are about to explode. No one knows what to believe because the truth is hidden. When Rahu enters Scorpio and Ketu enters Taurus in September, the global mood will change and money and finances will be the focus. Also in September, Mars will turn retrograde indicating major attacks and violence which will last through November.

On election day, Mercury will turn direct, indicating that we will not know who the President is for a while, and with Mars turning Direct on November 14th, the anger and rage over the elections will cause massive protests and riots.

The Presidential Inauguration chart looks drastic! Let me just say whoever becomes the next President will regret it. The year 2021 will develop much like 1961 since this was the last time Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Capricorn. This indicates a transformation in government. That was the year that Kennedy was reelected.

The coronavirus is not the last of extreme events that are due to happen this year. I will repeat one of the predictions I made at the beginning of this year. “We will see things this year we have never witnessed before.” Attacks and extreme reversals we didn’t see coming will occur concerning the U.S. Presidential elections. You will understand later why I have not predicted who will be the next President.

Look at these trying times as a time for spiritual growth and opportunities. It is time to take advantage of the opportunities to grow and improve life. Help unite humanity with a common goal of healing to make this a better world for all of humanity.

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