Oct 28, 2019

🔴 ~ Brexit delayed AGAIN as EU signs off 'flextension' (The Sun LIVE) ~ | Blogger: [🎭Brexit EU Scam : Send in the Crisis Actors & Clowns🤡] ... {Their ultimate aim is to build a totalitarian rule on a global scale, keep EU intact} ... WHY are we again (and again) seeing this Mad Men Magazine Masquerade (extension) in full motion!? Because, if a no-deal Brexit happens and the banking cartel loses (too big to fail), EU will literally break down as we know it and NWO would never let that happen... Do you remember the illuminati card representing the fall of Big Ben? Could we say that this card represents the fall of UK after brexit throwing the entire world in a lethal economic collapse? The people under the Big Ben, in my opinion, represent the five continents so is a very plausible theory... There's three corporations who run the world : City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City... The City of London were all united in pushing for a “deal of the century” post-Brexit, and London, as a global financial hub - the site of the Rothschild & Co London office, New Court, has been home to the Rothschild family business since 1809... |

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