Oct 28, 2019

🕵️‍♂️ ~ Ole Dammegard Update: 9/11 op "Sea Eagle" exposed and NATO/Gladio's false flag backbone broken (NewsInsideOut.com) ~ | Blogger: [🚨This Video Contains Part II of The Red Alert on Swedish "Övning Havsörn 2019" a.k.a. Operation "Sea Eagle", exposed and (possible) stopped by multiple Truth journalists and after Ole's swedish / danish tour rooting out the (synthetic) terror. There's no (thank god) plan B of "Sea Eagle" op🚨] ... {Brackets ( ) [ ] = verdensalt commenting} ... There's lot more in the video than the EU's biggest coordinated 9/11-type false flag operation drill. Alfred and Ole also discuss the (great) "chieftain" ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the man with nine lives who reappears after 5 years (largely due to the Americans flying them around where they want them, like staged ISIS videos are the plot of Iron Man 3, Ben Kingsley’s character, The Mandarin) was (suddenly) declared DEAD (Oct 27th) after ONE of the biggest EU's false-flag op was supposedly (shutdown) Oct 23-24, 2019... 💙"May the ENTIRE universe be filled with PEACE, JOY, LOVE & LIGHT. May EVERYONE and especially the ones who hurts us, be filled with PEACE, JOY, LOVE & LIGHT. May the light of TRUTH overcome all DARKNESS, so victory to that LIGHT" ~ Ole Dammegard... Last comment Ole made: "Yeehaa Baby - it's party time. We living in a aaamazing time, on the other side, but I / We need to do this in a beautiful way, or else, it's gonna turn out to be a total massacre, a lifetime of failure and sadness and disappoint- ment of the ones who created all this mess and my own 30 years of disclosure. Be very sensitive, fearless to what's going on, and also as compassionate as possible💙... PS: Please always, use your own spiritual discernment... |

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Ole Dammegard Update: 9/11 op "Sea Eagle" exposed and NATO/Gladio's false flag backbone broken.

WATCH ON TRUETUBE.CO: https://youtu.be/nOXiaYniywc


FROM SPAIN – In this October 27, 2019 update, journalist and whistleblower Ole Dammegard updates his evaluation of the effects of exposing Sea Eagle 2019, a possible 9/11-type false flag operation, tentatively planned under the guise of disaster drills for the Oct 23-24, 2019 period unless exposed, hitting “39 targets in the following five EU cities”: London UK; Manchester UK; Barcelona Spain; Paris France; Rotterdam Netherlands, as well as two (2) nuclear power plants that might have been the targets of a synthetic Terror attack in Sweden within 36 hours of the main Operation Sea Eagle 2019 attack, with an estimated 1600 persons present at planned disaster drills at this location, according to reported false flag coordinator Ola Slettermark’s reported information.

In this update, Ole Dammegard reports that series of apparent emergency top-level meetings at NATO in Brussels following the exposure of Operation Sea Eagle by multiple Truth journalists in the days prior to Oct. 23-24, 2019 successfully shattered the organizational backbone of a NATO/Gladio false flag operation.

By public exposing the false flag operation and its planned Synthetic terror attacks and social disruption, Ole Dammegard states that civil society has also avoided as well the imposition of martial law and substantive controls on free speech and publication on the Internet and elsewhere in civil society.

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