Oct 5, 2019

✌️ ~ What if... Things Could Happen For The Better Overnight (Verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: [🗺️How Do We Create, as Werner Erhard Quote; A World That Works For Everyone❓💕} ... 🥺WHAT IF... it came out, Merkel (Angela Merkel, Theresa May, and the Lithuanian president sisters) that has been caught uncontrollably shaking on several occasions and strangely lost time and space at awkward behaviour with Putin at G20, is because she is in fact, Adolf Hitler's daughter, that did had same conditions, in the last year of the war... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF... Jeffrey Epstein, is THE most important "CATALYST-KICKSTARTER", in human history of sexual abuse children, that would end up, taking down THE #GlobalPedoGateNWO and unseal the 127,407 sealed indictments...💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT...🥺WHAT IF -- The truth came out about mind-controlled CIA stooges like Obamas (Bushes & Clintons) SLUSHY FUNDS, could sent them all to jail... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- The coming declassification of Spygate documents would lead to massive arrest from sealed indictment and We the People, had a way to stop the manipulation in the 2020 election in America & increasing Google censorship...💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- Rothschild had to make a plea bargain to (Trump or) benevolent 'controllers', like the White Dragons, to agree declaring GCR/RV/Gold Standard (announcing of Gold backed currency with a new 'universal spiritual backed' financial system - QFS)... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- The truth about the Rockefeller drug empire, came to out and ended by a full stop leading to total extinction...💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT...🥺WHAT IF -- clandestine military crimes - war inc. is (only) about war profiteering, money, oil and power. That includes all corrupted intelligence apparatus, like Israel was in lead of 9/11, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, 7/7 and tons of other false flag operations... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- (Secret Space Programs) Admiral Wilson's leaked UFO doc., corporate reverse engineering of alien tech. Trump & congress briefed on US Navy pilot UFO sightings has a connection to military Space Force & disclosure... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF... |

We can't change anything in a individualistic egocentric world, only by altruistic, collective spiritual awakening or by embracing charity by a philosophical principle of a universal human duty to show generosity... 

~ verdensalt.dk 

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