Oct 5, 2019

👼 ~ 💗 Kp Message 10-4-19… “Not doing what I’m not ‘moved’ to do” (and the Energies of the Moment) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👍Yes siree! Like verdensalt already stated, i've been struggling with emotional numbness lately, before i went away on vacation🌴]... How Kauilapele’s Blog is describing is more or less, what I feel, too... and why I feel the urge to clean out everything here and move things out... Not to complain, I was sick like a dog (men always feels more sick than woman) going to U.S. and the Pranic Healing i received helped, but when i came home to Denmark, prep for selling my house, would it bring bright future ahead of me, peoples and my own working condition and expectations, cold and sun-less weather, stillness of things and semi-winter depri (alone) with low energy from collective awareness (consciousness) in my country and my own dense emotional response, was definitely not helping, being sad and angry about it... etc. etc... The term kauilapele are using : “3D body upgrades” works for me, as well... Latest guidance from "the Collective" (Caroline Oceana Ryan) is also helping me to see, which i'll on verdensalt, calls The Global Mass Ascension with Wave-X Bombards the Earth and Frequency Shift, has an MASSIVE effect on humanity, right now... Seems to me, we're all going through a ENERGY shock of Clearing and Cleansing and we should all remember to energetically protect ourselves to our best abilities... And omg, about the dream state, the night travel on the Spirit side, of learning experience, a progression of your consciousness into the higher levels of Light. What i don't have transmuted into my daily spiritual life, there's no problem receiving it, on the other side, in the night. I'm (not) talking about the idea of 72 virgins in Islam, just simple, i have no lack of getting (some) of the good stuff, during the night, traveling 😳🤭... PLEASE remember, we could easily be the only life in Human Form. The Universe may be (nothing) like what we Imagine. Dreams are you Spirit out of your Body, the real you, it is... |

Well I was just going to post a WDiM, but as I went through it, something kept me from posting the entire article text. So I’m not (feel free to check the link) (and that’s related to the “Not doing what I’m not ‘moved’ to do” part of the title).

I’ve been not too motivated to post much recently, partly because I was going through one of those “3D body upgrade” kinds of things, and my whole body was a bit “zonked out” from the whole process. Many others I know are going through some types of “3D body upgrades” (or corrections) at this time, as well, which I still get is a part of “preparation for the next phase” we are entering.

I have some idea what that is about, but not in detail. It appears to me to be a phase of assisting the planet, and its humanity component, in rising up energetically (vibrationally) to become fully ready for the coming In-Blast of Higher Energy Light. I feel many of us are already ready, but our paths are now shifting to open up pathways for those who are “not quite ready” to release their “old paradigm weights” and rise in frequency.

You know, I know I don’t always know exactly whether what I’m putting out there hits anyone, but I just put it out there.

I’m looking forward to the beginning of my own “next phase”, but I’m still not sure when that will be. The latest “3D body upgrade” deal I just went through appears to have added a couple more months to that “next phase” starting point.

Still, energy work is still going to be done, and I received a message tonight about where the next point of energy work will likely be.

One note… my own “dreams revelations” have been occurring quite strongly lately, so perhaps it will be helpful for all of us to pay some attention to what is being unveiled in those dreams.

That is all for this moment.

Aloha, Kp

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