Oct 11, 2019

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— (VIDEO) OCTOBER ENERGY UPDATE 10/7 (Aluna Ash- 9D) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: Excerpts: ".. The Main message for the overall energy of October is : A STRONG GEOMAGNETIC STORM that could potentially manifest near the The New Moon on Sunday, October 27, 2019. There will be shift in WEATHER around the same time, until Mid-November, because of the Geomagnetic storm with the Moon as magnet, intensifier and hypersentive energy-enforcer, pulling in the energy from the galactic center. Also in connections to The Sun, The Mayan Calendar & The 231 Gates? .." ~ Aluna Ash- 9D (something along those lines) ... |

Strong Solar activity is bringing in the energy of the density wave from the Galactic Center that is helping us to integrate the 5th dimensional timing frequency and experience different layers within the hologram from our multidimensional awareness :) There is more light coming in- and this is increasing. It's time to trust what you feel, what your heart says/wants and trust your intiution. The Soul consciousness integrating in October is connected to what will be playing out in the future, 2020 and beyondπŸ€—
Lots of crown chakra/3rd eye/pineal gland/pituitary gland activity from the increase in Solar activity & frequencies from the Galactic Center. 12 Day portal -October 24th- November 4th Sun's magnetic field flipping- end of Sun cycle New Moon on October 27th- Strong geomagnetic storm- (according to my mind's eye) bringing in downloads & transformation more easily connected to the Galactic Center, which is a Stargate πŸ€— The 27th/New Moon (opposite Uranus) seems important & the number 27 seems important... just has come into my awareness quite a bit over the last week. -messages about North West which i feel is connected to the grid or maybe collective awakenings & schumann resonance.. something, not exactly sure, just been showing up in my awareness. -messages about rain & wind/storms after the 12 day portal or within/during the 12 day portal, due to magnetic field of Sun and energy released. Synchronicities can speed up during this 12 day portal, great time for meditation, downloads, connecting with others on the same path, staying out of drama/distractions, rituals, cleansing, healing, connecting with Ancestors...
πŸ’œI plan on doing a Livestream prayer circle/healing meditation this week for Kimberly- Spiritual Material Girl on Youtube for anyone that wishes to join.. Im not sure of the day/date yet though! (She asked me to, so she is totally OK with mentioning this & doing this for/with her) **Although it can feel like being pulled in many directions at once, October is a beautiful time to surrender, heal & integrate/be receptive to the Light Codes and downloads coming in. There is a massive amount of observation at this time. Advanced Souls are working extra in the inner realms... be kind to yourself & others. Energy is a boomerang & its operating at high speed. For many, what feels "karmic" is only due to the imprints & expression of the genes from traumas programs/memories from our Ancestors that is meant to be cleared/healed/worked through to create a release of the "negative" gene expression. The Light Codes coming in & DNA activations help to clear these imprints. Nothing is set karmically or written- it is a choice. You always have a choice. God/Your Spirit is love, happiness, life, abundance- it's only the human mind that creates the opposite and believes it to be true/destined/karmic/fated (my perception.) Alot of truth is beginning to surface... But their are Galactic Laws/Universal Laws and I feel that is why the observation is increased. Many are being tested- psychic ability/integrity/awareness/following their heart. And I do not believe our Sun we are looking at is "out there" in "space".. It is inside an enclosed system/energy field, I feel..The Central Sun is "out there" I do practice Astrology, but I know the planets/stars are not exactly what people have been taught. & Drink lots of water!

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