Oct 11, 2019

😢 ~ 💔 Hver anden elev i 5. og 8. klasse har tegn på mistrivsel - her er symptom- erne, de oplever (TV2 FNYS NEWS) 💑 ~ | Blogger: [🦜Verdensalt talked to a American guy at LAX recently & he said: "Isn't Denmark, the world's Happiest country and an Bicycle-nation!?] ... Well, NOT for kids in Primary and Secondary School. Basically because of pressure from the Folkeskole testing ("public school", the government-funded primary education system), Mobbing, bad conditions of school facilities and due to fact, their all Starseeds and their characteristics are; estranged, lonely, anxious and shy, very sensitive🚸] ... PS: A MUST READ IS : "How to change the world by Elina St-Onge" - (If We All Took A Moment To Simply Observe The World As It Is , The Evolution Of Our Species Would Happen Overnight We Are The Co-­‐Creators Of Our Reality) ... It's actually hard to find a copy these days, since she's planning a version 2.0... |

Børnene er blevet spurgt, hvor ofte de oplever otte symptomer. Det gælder at have hovedpine, mavepine, ondt i ryggen, være svimmel, ked af det, irritabel eller i dårligt humør, nervøs og have svært ved at falde i søvn. Foto: Janne Bekker / TV 2

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