Oct 16, 2019

🕴️ ~ Levels of Consciousness (David Hawkins + Verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: [💑Yes, LOVE, is NOT the highest form or level of CONSCIOUSNESS, according to David Hawkins, Hubbards tone scale, Master mindo, Amanda Lorence, Maslow's hierarchy of needs (whomever)✌️] ... Gratitude, Joy and Peace has been logged, even higher towards ENLIGHTENMENT, which is close to 1000 on the 'Vibrations Scale' if i may so bold, to call it that... 🌹Tables below, something we frequently discuss among members in The Sisterhood of the Rose in Denmark...🌹 ... "Just like how seismographs are used to measure earthquakes, recent breakthroughs have allowed researchers to measure a person’s energetic frequency on a specific Vibrations Scale. How does the scale work? Well imagine you have a scale of 1 to 1,000, with 1,000 being the highest state a human being can attain. If you reach this level you would be an Enlightened Master. At the lowest end of the spectrum is someone who is not thriving at all. Researchers use muscle testing and kinesiology to determine where people are on this scale. As you can see, heavy emotions like sadness, guilt or humiliation vibrate at low frequencies, while feelings like love, bliss and enlightenment vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies. Right now, the average level of energy on Earth is around 207—and this is because throughout our lives, we accumulate hidden energy blockages and negative conditioning that holds us back from higher vibrations. The level we should aim for, however, is 500 and above. 500 is the vibration of love. When you vibrate at this level life becomes drastically different. Love, joy, and abundance are suddenly within your grasp. Pain, stress, and struggle seem to melt away and you become a magnet for what you truly desire. But here’s where things get even better. Studies have shown that your energy doesn’t just affect you, but those around you too. Just Google research articles on subjects like the Maharishi affect or distance healing. …Scientists have discovered your energy doesn’t just affect you. It affects those around you too. Just google research articles on the power of positive thinking or distance healing. The conclusion? Everyone looking for a happier, more successful and more enlightened life should aim to overcome their energy blockages, and raise their energetic frequency to a level of Love or Above—a theory that many other reputable scientists have since come to support"(soundofheart.org)... |

Thanks to theearthplan

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