Oct 3, 2019

🥕 ~ Gulerødder hæmmer inflammation og forebygger dermed kræft (ritzau) ~ | Blogger: [🤗Hip hip hurra… Og så det lange: HURRAAAAAAAA!!!! Det medicinsk-industrielle kompleks taler SANDHED, hvordan kan det nu være? At tænke sig, efter de har lattergjort, alternative behandlere så som, Martin Hejlesen, profession leder i COOP og fængselsbetjent, en farlig mand, siger man, da han har påstået, at gulerodssaft kan kurere kræft. HVAD bilder han sig ind?🤣] ... ENG: "Scientists from SDU and OUH have now found a possible link between the root vegetables and intestinal cancer... It is well known that people who eat many vegetables, including carrots, have a reduced risk of getting cancer. Researchers from the Surgical Research Unit at OUH in Svendborg and SDU have previously shown that it is the carrot's content of two specific substances called falcarinol and falcarindiol, that can prevent and inhibit the development of precursors of colon and rectal cancer in laboratory animals, increases with increasing dose of the drugs. Recent studies indicate that these drugs appear anti-inflammatory and that this is the primary reason why they inhibit the development of bowel cancer"... |

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