Oct 3, 2019

๐ŸŒŒ ~ NASA fears if they find proof of inhabitants on the planet people may not be mentally prepared (Daily Mail Online) ~ | Blogger: [๐Ÿ™‰SOFT DISCLOSURE to get us PrEP and Ready for the (partial) TRUTH๐Ÿ™ˆ] ... {So, is Ad Astra's revelation that there are no aliens out there true?} ... TO AVOID the so-called 'hysterical mass behavior', all you're gonna hear is that Mars 2020 Rover (which most likely has never been on Mars, rather Devon Island in Southern Canada) will discover alien life, that is, in form of unknown dazzling creatures of the microscopic world... Rather that The Dark Fleet (Earthly Solar Warden SSP with other factions) established bases on the far side of the Moon and Mars, perhaps 40-50 years ago, with something called Mars Defense Force and Mars Colony Corporation, a U.S. Marine Corps called “Special Section”, that unexpectedly found and after that, tried to force an aggressive Insectoid of Aliens out, living in deep caves on Mars, that killed almost the entire Mars Defense Force, from Earth, before they could build DUMBs. If you truly believe in the storytelling from Randy Alan Cramer ("Captain Kaye"), Dr. Michael Salla, Andrew Basiago (part of a secret "Pegasus Project") and other whistleblowers, like Corey Goode... ๐Ÿš€ PS: To this day, i'm stumped that Hollywood and CIA (DARPA) create movies like, 'Ad Astra', (shitty movie sorry) that paints a dysfunctional and dark emotional stressful pictures of how to "SURVIVE" in SPACE. YES, the movie 'Ad Astra', a great gloriously surreal space epic in regards to a turgid, generic father / son drama, but do you REALLY think, if "they" actually has an entire Solar Warden Armada (an ultra-secret project that maintains a fleet of spaceships that are operating primarily within Earth's Orbit and around our solar system), that they would still use traditional SpaceX rockets, like they do in this movie and survive years of emptiness in dark deep space? Nooo... They would use spaceships like U.S.S.S Hillenkoetter (Solar Warden), with warp technology, teleportation or jump-rooms and use black holes to travel back and fourth from the multiverse, like our galactic fiends used solar portals and USS Discovery, secret weapon the mycelium spore drive, which leverages a magic space network of fungi to instantly “jump” anywhere in the known Universe, and (potentially) even into parallel Universes... WHATEVER, the fairytale that NASA still portray a 100 year old technology of rockets shows you, that Secret Space Program, is worldly or perhaps, our universe, biggest secret, ever... |

  • 'It will start a whole new line of thinking,' NASA's Jim Green says
  • If there is evidence of past of life, scientists expect to find it underground
  • Mission will last one Mars year, or the equivalent of 587 Earth days

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