Oct 15, 2019

🕹️ ~ Fortnite-krisen raser videre: 'Svarer til, at man lukkede fodbold ned!' ~ | Blogger: [🤨Influencer Marketing : Over-parenting, Curling parents or Helicopter parents🙄] ... (ENG:) - A deeply worried mother (Influence, DK Role Model of the Year 2018 / Mentor of the Year 2019) to one danish boyish youngster, out of the 250.000 million teens, has issued a warning and disturbing video, claiming Fortnite total blackout, should be considered as important or equivalent of shutting down, football (soccer)!. Just because her kid, has NOTHING to do during his fall vacation and has establish friendships (in an virtual world) and must be TAKEN VERY serious, because it's the teens social life, we're talking about... OMG! - O-M-G!... PS: I'll let you in on a little secret, i have been hooked on World Of Warcraft for many years and other games on PC or Xbox, way back in the past, and still playing one-shooter games, but i KNOW, that it doesn't affect me, because, growing up with no mobile phones or mobile radiation, no computers and violent games (no military CIA (PSYWAR), no inside playing time, no chemtrails, no DEW's, no dependencies on AI's from TV, games and computer makes me see, that teens now of days, has a cell phone and gaming addiction.. END of story... |


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