Oct 27, 2019

🤑 ~ (DK) Kræftramt vred over Knæk Cancer: 'Sygdommen bliver gjort til underholdning' ~ | Blogger: [💸Making a Killing with Cancer: A 124.6 Billion Dollar American Made Rockefellers, FDA & Cancer Industry. Poisoned for Profit☠️] ... Day in day out, ONE full week of nonstop fundraising, 145,373,818 danish kroner ($21,6m) from collect donations went directly to The Danish Cancer Society in October of 2019 (Kræftens Bekæmpelse - for cancer medicine, Big pharma = Big crime?) ... A danish cancer victim, Charlotte Bilberg, is 'furious' over Denmark's Cancer fundraiser show "Knæk Cancer" and calls it out for what it is and verdensalt quotes: ".. Big party dresses, celebs by the phones and lots for a brand new volkswagen, a pipe dream trip to the Maldives or a stay at Ole Henriksen (Face & Body Spa, Los Angeles).. "."(B.T. newspaper:) "All week TV2 and the Danish Cancer Society have warmed up to the big Crack (Knæk) Cancer Show. But at home in Vildbjerg, Charlotte Bilberg is not to be seen. In fact, the show makes her angry.".“.. I feel it every single year as the month of October approaches. For a whole week we are bombarded with what we are just trying to forget about reality, ”she says."... In 2013, Charlotte Bilberg was afflicted with breast cancer (B.T.). She has undergone four surgeries and eventually had her one breast and abdomen removed so the cancer did not spread. She has received chemo and radiotherapy, which has subsequently left her mark - physically and mentally. The only thing she thought about was that fight, she just had to win. Sir. Cancer, which she called the disease, that she just wanted to get out of her body." ~ B.T.... |



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