Oct 27, 2019

πŸ’‘ ~ πŸ’— Attraction (Why You Are Attracted To The People You're Attracted To) - Teal Swan πŸ’• ~ |

Blogger: Just Looooooove listening to both Teal Swan and Matt Kahn, it seems that they contain a whole life of experiences, a spaciousness and gift within the spiritual world that I have not seen before. They do not necessarily go with the flow, much self-esteem, own perception of the state of things, and provide explanations that are precise, sober and really touching on our aspect of life, giving a much larger perspective than so many others. Both the spiritual world also among (general) psychology. Additionally, Matt Kahn has a really good humor and logical approach....

Attraction is arguably one of the greatest elements of unconscious human behavior, even amongst the most conscious people. It is like a two-sided coin. On one side, it can be a feeling state of the highest blissful excitement. On the other it can induce a feeling state of the lowest desperate

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