Oct 19, 2019

🧔🏿 ~ ANTIRACISME : Blackface og mørklægning (arbejderen.dk) ~ | Blogger: [🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏻Barack Obama Endorses Justin Trudeau Blackfaced & White Racial Supremacy Colonization Vs. Non-White Violated Anti-Harassment Policy🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏿] ... {IN DENMARK, children or adults, we're not allowed to blackface or use the (forbidden) n-word! and shall adopt multilingual guidelines on gender-neutral language, is a new norm}... New words added to the danish dictionary: Yalla, kizlar, habib, falafel, baklava, para, halal, habibi, lan, kebab and vur ... DID YOU KNOW, acc. to this article, that Danes, are not allowed to know about Danish Anti-Islamic Stram Kurs Party Leader Rasmus Paludan, visited Black Lives Matter Denmark's spokesperson on the same day he was sentenced to 14 days in prison for racism after Black Lives Matter Denmark's review???... (verdensalt) - THERE'S a huuge debate going on - the role of white people in the fight against racism, harassment and violating other non-white minorities... In other words, as a white person, you're not allowed to blackface, not even kids in role play, to any citizens who has been colonized by white people in the past... So, if a person from India mocks others by putting on a Viking outfit, that's okay, because she/he has been violated by white supremacy, under the jurisdiction of European colonial powers and British rule. OR, a native american in cowboy outfit - fine. But, if a white person conduct a violating act, to any countrymen (or foreigners) country, that was once, colonized by whites, it's a CRIME... So next time, you see any person who has a chut thai on, whether it's a local thai or "white" person, it's fine, because Thailand, has never been colonized...🤪 |

Det er svært at give racismedebatten substans, når de danske medier altid først skal give plads til deres egen krænkelse over, at sorte har følt sig krænkede. Vi har sagt det 1000 gange: Vi ønsker ikke blackface og n-ordet. Hvorfor skal det køres rundt i mediemøllen én gang til?


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