Oct 19, 2019

🙅‍♀️ ~ Sex robots: The truth behind the headlines | Kate Devlin (TEDxRoma) ~ | Blogger: [🤖(A.I. Agenda:) "Threatening our Relationships, opening a Westworld-like scenario, substituting women, spurring violence and encouraging the end of the human kind" ~ TEDx🏩] ... DID YOU ALSO KNOW, that besides your average social humanoid robots, most have their own human rights, and Sweden (soon Denmark) introduced a law change that meant sex without explicit consent was considered as rape, researchers and academics want sex robots capable of withdrawing consent. That means, sex robots to be programmed with the ability to give and rescind consent, lest their human 'partners' become rape-crazed maniacs... WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON...? I, for one, am glad that i'm neither dependent on any female human companion or sexdoll. My last girlfriend were 27 years old amazing and beautiful woman, i'm much older, but with a whole different mindset, besides she was raped as 14 year old with deep traumatic scars, and because of her strict strict parenting / upbringing, catholic belief system and former zionist israeli boyfriend, who literally, destroyed her. She was coming out of the mind controlled behaviour, as a highly dedicated loving soul as she is, but a new male guru-spiritual syndrome took her over again, to remain, in the same 3-D matrix of illusion... I'm good (most of the time) being alone, until my true higher soul mirror spirit of a twin-flame, will land on my feet. Tired of being a savior (relationship) with girlfriends, who are victims, and don't want to be saved. When do we humans ever learn... Sometimes i wonder, if uncomplicated, untraumatized, untamed highly spiritual woman exists outhere, then again, i recall the book by John Gray 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus' and realize, we're all embedded with implants, the suppression of Masculine and Feminine sexuality etc... |

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