Sep 10, 2019

💶 ~ WTF is going on with Brexit? 2020 UK/EU Showdown by Marina@Darkstar (Darkstar Astrology) ~ | Blogger: ".. Theresa May’s revenge?: UK ambassador who dissed Trump gets lordship and BoJo shuts down parliament: What does this actually mean?.. I beg your pardon!! Britain’s BoJo now declares no-deal Brexit would be a ‘failure’.. Order no more? Iconic UK House of Commons Speaker Bercow to step down amid Brexit chaos? .." (taken from |

I compare the natal charts of Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage to see who, if any, can deliver Brexit. Is it even possible? I look at their transits and peak periods. Who is strong enough and clever enough to outwit the EU's machinations? I also look at the amazing Pluto transits to the UK's Moon. (The British people)

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