Sep 15, 2019

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— SATURN DIRECT, SIRIUS TRANSMISSIONS, AQUATICS 9/14 (Aluna Ash- 9D) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: [πŸ’«Wauv! Yeah! Here on The Salt Of The World editorial office, it's more than notable, receiving Light Spirit Codes. I don't have fear, but Sadness arises with heavy dreaming and facing loneliness on the spiritual path, sleeping badly and wake up in the night, or need to wake up early πŸ₯΄] ... |

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The energy and rays of Sirius are already coming in more powerfully & cosmic rays over the next couple days 15th/16th- many are feeling this or hearing the tones/frequencies/downloads.

I am still seeing visions of a fireball..or astroid, comet (for the last week, since the Jaguar Full Moon Portal video I posted. It's a fireball with a long tail the shoots across the sky. I started seeing this 6-7 days ago nonstop.)

Those incarnating on the day Saturn stations direct 9/18 at 13 degrees- will have a rare and special blueprint within their chart- the Star of David/Seal of Solomon between their MC, North Node, Pluto, Ascendant, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Neptune. Which can by symbolic of portals of consciousness being activated within the collective & the Heart Chakra (I've been getting messages about the Planetary Heart Chakra activating) The Hexagram has been used in magic, and ancient times- worship of Saturn. It means alchemy, male/female, above/below, balance of duality, healing, the four elements, and elelements connected to the character traits & emotions. The balance of the mind, body & Soul! Saturn helps us to transcend the limitations of the physical through knowledge/wisdom gained through "time" to become one with God. Saturn is about doing the work- and not just physical, all the work. Theres a very fated, destined beautiful feeling with Saturn Direct & the upcoming big conjunction in Jan 2020. Saturn stationing Direct at 13 degrees is the balance of the Divine Feminine- the number of Humanity. The 13th gateπŸ’œπŸ’œ Saturn is stationing direct for the 1st time since starting the new 13 year cycle (13 yr cycle began: July 26, 2019) the North Node will be conjunct Sirius at 14 degrees Cancer opposite Saturn Stationing direct as the massive energy transmissions of Sirius come in... which won't happen again exact-- until 2038.

Solar Storm/Geomagnetic Storm coming, triggered by Equinox. Felt from 9/22- 9/28

The Ix- jaguar 13 day cycle ends 9/22 as well as the Lords of the Night 9 day cycle(g9.)

9/23, Equinox, is the 1st day of the 13 day Manik- Deer cycle & new Lord Of The Night cycle (g1) Manik cycle is from 9/23- 10/5 ends on a GAP day & the 4th Lord of The Night. Then we begin the Ahau 13 days cycle starting on 10/6 on the 5th Lord of the Night. The Manik-Deer is about your strength, control over emotional body, integrity, respect- have you followed your truth & remained in integrity regardless of what others are doing or saying?? Have you followed your own path that you are passionate about or doing/saying what others are? Following trends, triggers, reactions- that only create imbslance will show up quickly. This will show more during this 13 day cycle- your integrity, your strength, your unique identity/path & respect for yourself..which is mirrored as your respect for others. - nows the time to make things right. Balance out karma by what you send out.

The Jaguar cycle is a good time to go within- people will be more unconsciously emotionally triggered/reactive with the Solar waves coming in.

2nd moon cycle end 9/19 on a GAP day.
9/18- 9/19- Sirius transmissions begin to come in as Saturn conjunct Ketu stations direct.
9/20 we begin the 3rd moon cycle
9/21 Final Jupiter Neptune Square
9/22-9/28 Solar Storm/Geomagnetic storm triggered by Equinox (9/23) starts coming in & being felt.
9/23 Equinox and 1st day of new 13 day Manik cycle & 9 day Lords of The Night cycle.
9/25 Opening of the New Moon Portal
9/27 GAP day 9/28 New Moon in Libra Solar storm/geomagnetic storm incoming bringing the rays/lightcodes of Sirius & the Planetary Heart Chakra activation.

Ill be going live again on Patreon tomorrow 8pm EST

I've been getting alot of messages & visuals of Whales, Dolphins, Aquatics, the Heart & Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra, Celestial Waters above, Sirius, Indigos, Rainbow waves/skies without & the balance of the collective Rainbow Rays within....

Everything is already created, we manifest the experience of what already exists. One part of you operates beyond time, and the other part of you within time in the physical plane. One part of you is/has already experienced everything... your awareness/embodiment of that- manifest what is already created. We are anchors in this density for our higher dimensional aspects.

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