Sep 5, 2019

🔔 ~ Rekordpris: Sælg dit guld nu (a4fri) ~ | Blogger: [😮Risk of global recession. Brexit and global meltdown. Sell everything you own. Nooo!. Keep your Silver / Gold hidden and create your MONEY MOJO MAGIC🤗] ... STOP - Throw everything you have in your hands - SELL!, SELL!, SELL! (says this article)... No! No! and No!.. My own silver coins (silver bars) have risen 3 times, since the month of May... PS: However, I am not a rich former Bank employee, you should look Mads Palsvig's way and his millions. MONEY MOJO, the magical attraction you possess in your aura energy, needs some alteration and redefinition, retunement, if you wish to get MONEY's attention!... For me, in the past, the money energy, has created the breeding ground for many decades of frustration and my girlfriends, stole them, anyways... BACK on track, if you bought gold / silver in 2017 or before, then your investment is worth many times over. It has been predicted, when we arrive on December 31, 2019, your silver stock should be 8-10 times in value, gold, 3-5%... Just wait, recession is coming, yes, but not like you think. The new global recession, is actually NOTHING to do with global economic slowdown or declining economic output, and has EVERYTHING to do with RV/GCR. WHAT is RV? It's not weakened, depreciated or write-down of a currency. It is a settlement and revaluation of a country's current exchange value, to make it more attractive in the global currency market, but also supported / backed of applying at any time, reserves of the individual country's gold, silver, precious stones, minerals, etc. This gives paper money its accuracy again, in the form of commodity money (money that is based on a valuable commodity)... |


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