Aug 15, 2019

😴☢️~ While You Were Sleeping : 5 stories you might have missed, Aug 15, 2019 (Verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: () = Verdensalt... 🚩 1️⃣ -- (IT WORKED BUT SOON KETTLE ON BOILING POINT : Flights resume after 2nd night of chaos at HK airport) -- US does not see paramilitary forces "streaming to the border". It's all 'propaganda' to scare or "sending a message" to HK and the world that they are present and have the capability, the official said. Trump suggests ‘personal meeting’ with Xi (CNN) US is colluding with ‘radical criminal elements’, says Chinese officials (RT) ... | 2️⃣ -- (Another Lame Stream Media Claims: Gangs Plotting To Shoot Cops Around USA) -- Chicago Police say three gangs plotting to shoot cops (FOX) ... Another VIP NYPD officer suicide, the 8th in 2019 (HALTurner)... Several officers injured (but not died) by suspect firing in shooting in Philadelphia; suspect in custody: Police (ABC)... | 3️⃣-- (What a Deadly Nuclear Explosion In Russia, Near Scandinavia, Tells Us About the World's New Arms Race) -- "The recent explosion in Russia was I am now told (Simon Parkes) the engine of a Skyfall nuclear cruise missile. The warhead did not explode but there was contamination" (Local residents have been told to take Iodine to protect from radiation, and a large area of sea has been closed for a MONTH!) .. | 4️⃣ -- (Is pictures taken from NASA Martian Desert, actual from Earth, more likely from Iceland, Ireland or Devon Island? Note! Corey Goode mentions declassified footage of Camp Century, a top secret Arctic base (Greenland) aka Project "ICEWORM" where factions of the SSP would use same construction formulas for extreme environments, later on Mars and Moon bases) -- Nasa prepares for mission to Mars with a trip to Iceland... | 5️⃣ -- (Aha! Here we go! False Flag PANIC : Denmark has already 1.5 million AI face recognition surveillance cameras (2016 numbers). Nationwide automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system, emergency border controls at Sweden & Germany, control over telecommun- ications, upcoming 5G, Inside the NSA '5-Eyes', online snooping plans like 'session logging', BUT, it's not ENOUGH, they want more) -- The Danish Social Democratic government will look at increasing video surveillance, tightening penalties and better border control against Sweden to respond to the two explosions that hit Copenhagen in a few days last week (NI News)... |

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