Aug 29, 2019

💧 ~ Nestlé Plans to Plunder 1.1M Gallons a Day from Florida Natural Springs (NNN) ~ | Blogger: [🏴Switzerland - Cuckoo clocks, Chocolate, Banksters, Basel, BIS & Corruption❓] ... So many negative claims and allegations that goes against Nestlé Group (Nestlé Waters) and it goes all the way back to the wars.. Was Switzerland neutral or a Nazi ally in World War Two? Other strong allies to Nazi Germany was Nestle corporation who was carrying the Nazi flag until invasion of Normandy, then they switch back to the American flag, acco. to Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik... ⏰PS: 'Water Is Not A Human Right' claims CEO of Nestlé Peter Brabeck-Letmathe. Since then, the Nestle Corp. with Danish Government, attempting to privatize ALL heating and waterworks in Denmark, as we speak... |

Nestlé Waters’ is at it again, wanting to take publicly owned water and sell it back to the public. Their proposal to take 1.1 million gallons per day from Florida’s Ginnie Springs has drawn a backlash from conservationists.

Ginnie Springs sits in the Santa Fe River and serves as a home for several species of turtles that nest on the river’s banks. Conservationists and Environmental groups say the river is too fragile to support Nestlé’s plans. The river is already listed as “in recovery” by the Suwannee River water management district after years of over-pumping, according to the Guardian.

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