Aug 29, 2019

👨‍🌾☠️ ~ U.S. farmer commits suicide after committing massive organic FRAUD for nearly a decade… millions of bushels of “organic” corn and soy were grown with pesticides (NN) ~ | Blogger: [😲DID YOU KNOW❓ Also in Denmark❓ "Sure, the ecologists are also spraying pesticides! All production puts imprints. Also agricultural production - conventional as well as organic Excipients and pesticides are also used in organic production!" ~ BL👤] ... "ONLY few people know this - and 👉control over residues is largely absent👈, writes BL's professional consultant (The National Danish Association for Sustainable Agriculture). Excipients and pesticides are also used in organic production. In agricultural production, the conventional as the organic, we use auxiliaries, ie. fertilizers and sprays. In food production, we must relate to both the imprint of the production form and the health of the products produced. We acknowledge that it also leaves an imprint when cultivating conventionally, and confirms that minimal and negligible residual concentrations exist in conventionally grown crops. What you have to deal with is whether you want to accept leftovers or not. This also applies to organic foods" ~ |

The USDA organic program is a joke - massive fraud committed by farmers
Mike Adams
If you trust USDA "organic" to truly be organic, you're being hoodwinked. One U.S. farmer ran a multi-year organic fraud scheme that produced millions of bushels of fake organic soybeans and corn, and it took the USDA eight years to shut it down.

That's why we trust no one when it comes to clean food ingredients or materials. "Organic" is no longer enough. We can't trust anything unless it's laboratory tested and verified, even if it's certified organic.

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