Aug 27, 2019

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— In this moment, the Universe wants you to know...." (+ Energy Update!) πŸ’• ~ |

Dear Beautiful,

In this moment, the Universe wants you to know....

It’s not a matter of what happens, but how we choose to respond, that determines your level of consciousness. Whether able to act courageously in the face of despair, or continually shut down whenever change arrives, self-love is always the answer.

It may not lessen the pain or change your reality on command, but it will always give you everything you need to be the unwavering support, unlimited compassion, and irrefutable source of forgiveness absent from the past. From honoring the one who needs to know every detail about the future before stepping forward, to embracing the one who only knows doubt-- and even acknowledging the one who yearns for love but has no idea how to feel worthy enough to receive it, each and every experience offers countless opportunities to deepen our relationship with our hearts as a gateway into the oneness of Source energy.
Rather than attempting to embrace the past, what if you took the time to honor the one it happened to?
Instead of trying to passively accept the injustices of life, why not passionately acknowledge the authenticity within you that cannot be okay when anyone is denied, persecuted, harmed, alienated, shamed or judged for any reason? What if you didn’t blame yourself for being so sensitive, but cherished how naturally open you are to receiving the gift of life, no matter how daunting or delicious any moment seems?

Even when you are unable to love, simply resting in the blessing of: “May this moment help me learn to love as never before” inspires milestones of growth that uplift your experience, while energetically assisting in the transformation of others. On behalf of the Universe, when the world seems cruel, we become more caring. When witnessing the unthinkable, we respond with greater thoughtfulness. When the world denies its pain, we dare to turn towards it. When life appears to be at its darkest hour, we shine our lights to brighten each perspective. This is the way of the new spiritual paradigm.

All For Love,

ENERGY UPDATE  For the week ending 8/25/19 

Consciousness expands through rhythmic wave patterning. When these energetic waves swell, it indicates a time when the elevating consciousness acts much like a magnifying glass — digging up any outdated emotional debris that is ready to be healed. This is the existential (although highly unpopular) benefit to being emotionally triggered. Anytime a difficult emotion surfaces, it serves to remind you of all you are ready to move beyond by giving you a chance to feel it fully and wish it well through the vibration of gratitude.

Keeping all this in mind, this week’s energy patterning is much like the swelling of a large wave of amplified consciousness. As it helps you unearth all that is ready to be healed, don’t be surprised if this week feels extra sensitive, super emotional, profoundly exhausting, and unexpectedly irritating as your nervous system is constantly being instigated to help you purge and release the densities that no longer serve your evolution.

This creates a wonderful opportunity to take it easy, slow down, give yourself more time and space to tackle all the tasks on your to-do list, and even spend time writing out your feelings in a journal. Intuitively speaking, it wouldn’t be a week to make large decisions or sign contracts, unless you are feeling balanced, aligned, and unaffected by these incoming waves of expanded consciousness.

As always, let us breathe in the light of renewal, while breathing out what is ready to be released as you further your Ascension journey. May we love ourselves more today than in any moment before, not just as a way of staying centered along this swelling energetic wave, but as our contribution to a more heart-centered humanity.

As always, I’m here with you every step of the way. Please feel free to re-post and share this Energy Update, so that everyone in your life can help make sense of what they might have been feeling, without using it as an opening to either anchor fear or self-judgment.

Together we shine. United we stand. All for the love of all.


PS — For more energetic and emotional support during these highly-charged times, please join me on September 17th for a free call where I’ll give an overview of the next 10 years in human evolution: FROM CLARITY TO EMBODIMENT.

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